Saturday, December 1, 2012

UFOs Described as Playful by MUFON Report

Bright Yellow UFOs Witnessed Over New York, Nov 24, 2012

This report from MUFON describes three "playful colored lights", at first one would immediately think of Chinese Lanterns but they did not all move together and they did not drift with the wind. So there is a good chance that they were not  floating lanterns, especially this time of year in North America. 

Witness Account
I was driving in my car and saw 3 very bright red lights moving through the sky. ONLY 3. They were flyinig and turning. As they turned I could see a bright yellow flame. I pulled my car over and parked to watch them. They were almost playful like. There was no pattern to their flight. They would stop short, move fast and slowly. As I was parked I noticed only two of them flying away from me. They were hovering over a water tower approximately a tenth of a mile away. The third one was in the sky in front of my car hovering. I tried to call the state police but there was no answer. I slowly backed out of the parked space where I was and the one close to me flew toward the other 2. When I turned to go out on the highway I looked at the 3 of them and they just vanished…. disappeared.

One of Canada's best Documented UFO Cases

This is not the first time UFOs have been described as playful, the Charlie Redstar Flap  is one of Canada's most well documented cases that was seen by multiple witnesses on multiple occasional. 

The UFOs were often described as playful, friendly, or mischievous by witnesses.The Charlie Redstar Flap is one of the best documented UFO cases in Canadian History. The events of 1975-1976 are a great and entertaining read. I think you will enjoy the information below, it has about everything in that you could imagine, multiple groups of witnesses, drunken teenagers, news crews filming UFOs, radioactive ground material, possible crop circles, crafts of different shapes, sizes, colors and much more.
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