Saturday, December 8, 2012

UFO Filmed Dangerously Close to the Ground, Michigan, Video

A couple of things jump out at you about this story, first, the UFO sightings in this town started in November and have been seen by multiple people (town said they were "flooded" with calls), second, the object has been seen at very low altitudes, 500 feet or less. The story has made the local papers at least twice that I know of and amazingly only one fairly poor quality video has emerged, astonishing. You would think that the newspapers and the local TV stations would put their photographers on alert in an attempt to get some high quality images and film. You would also think a few people in the apartment complex where this UFO was filmed would have had a better quality camera (instead of a phone camera) and at least one good tape would emerge. 

I am often asked, why are all the UFO videos, fuzzy or only distant lights, well this story gives a lot of credibility to the fact that people don't have quality equipment and they're simply not ready for such an unexpected event. This is why  a decent video causes quite a sensation.Come on people of Michigan, get your camera's ready and be prepared for the next sighting!  Here is an article that I wrote about a year ago on how to film a UFO and post to youtube. It is a bit long but it covers all the bases. 

GRAND BLANC TWP., MI -- Jeff Holko doesn't know exactly what he captured on video Tuesday, but the 23-year-old township man is open to suggestions for something he can't otherwise explain.

"I'm not saying it's aliens from another planet," said Holko, who grabbed his cellular phone and started recording the sky above Heatherwood Apartments on Grand Blanc Road after spotting a bright, flickering object hovering about 500 feet off the ground.

Genesee County has been flooded with reports of unidentified flying objects since The Flint Journal reported on the claim of Denzel Washington, a 19-year-old, who reported seeing some type of craft in the sky above Rave theaters in Flint Township on Nov. 11.

Since that time, about 30 percent of all UFO sightings in the state have been from Genesee County, according to the Mutual UFO Network, but Holko is the first to capture video of what he saw.

"There was no definitive shape. It was almost like when you would look at it ... it was the shape of a wedge or a disk," he said. "It almost had no structure to it. You could almost see through the light ...

"I think if anybody else saw it, the biggest skeptic could have been next to me and would have said, 'What is that?' "

The object in the video is hard to distinguish but easily visible as Holko and his girlfriend talk about what they are seeing, filming from outside and inside the apartment building where he lives.

Holko, who grew up in the Grand Blanc area, said he had been told about a recent UFO sighting in the area of his apartment on Nov. 25.

"My Mom said, 'Keep your eyes open ... I read a report (about the previous sighting) in the paper the other day," he said. "I kept my eyes open and sure enough, that's what I saw."

On Nov. 25, a woman near U.S. 23 and the Grand Blanc Road exit, made an online report to MUFON that she saw something she couldn't explain -- a triangular object hovering with at least three red and six to eight bright white lights.

Township police said they had no reports of UFOs from either Tuesday or Nov. 25, but Bishop Airport Director Jim Rice said there may be an explanation for this week's sighting: aircraft that was approaching the area to land.

Rice said an Air Tran flight into Bishop was reported to be just 2,500 feet over the Grand Blanc area as it approached the airport from the east to west.

Holko said he's willing to listen to any explanation but said he's familiar with what aircraft look like in the sky and doesn't believe that's what he captured on video.

He said the object he recorded would have been flying dangerously low to the ground had it been a jet and moved to north before disappearing over a line of trees.

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