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We Have Entered a New Consciousness, A New Era

Did 2012 Usher in a New Consciousness? 

Change is Occurring it is Just Hard to Understand

We have entered a new age. It took more than 5000 years get through the first cycle so it only stands to reason that we would not even noticed that something new has happened. In the opening days, years and decades of this new era, the change would be so imperceptible that the vast majority of people would be completely unaware of it. Some people started to notice that change was in the air several years ago, they could sense it, they could feel it and they could almost taste it. The Mayans believed this new era would transform our civilization from fear based society to one that has a vibration much higher in harmony. That is not to say that everything is perfect, far from it but it is to say we have arrived at the dawn of a new time. 

Many Started To Believe The Hype

Then the people that preached the end of the world turned up, Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon, it made for a great story and many people got caught up in the hype. Remove the hype, Hollywood, the doomsday preachers, the marketeers, the money makers and where does that leave us. It leaves us in a new era when most of mankind will start to wake up to inequities in the world, pertaining to wealth, poverty, sickness, health, war, renewable energy, peace, power and governments. With a few exceptions, such as world wars it is extremely hard to recognize the historical significance of the times you are living in. It is only when historians examine it years later do we really understand the importance of those times.

The Biggest Change in History is Happening Now

Right at the end of this cycle we are seeing the biggest change the world has ever seen, the development and growth of the internet. The internet is not just access to information it is an educational tool giving us a connection to a sea of information like we have never had before, it has the ability to change attitudes, lives and history. The internet is only in it infancy and already we have seen the mapping of the human gnome and advance in medicine like we have never seen before. As we speak we are watching the Arab Spring movement unfold which was clearly being hastened by the internet. The internet has enabled social media in ways that are changing lives, governments and the geopolitical landscape forever.

Mainstream Media

We are living through the demise of the mainstream media, they are floundering and losing their grip over the populations of the world. Television news is no longer dished out at five or six in the evening by one network in most countries and three networks in the United States. Gone are the days of reading the newspaper and believing it to be Gospel. The veil that the mainstream media has hidden behind for more than a century is now so tattered we can see through it. The mainstream media has had a political agenda for decades, we have probably seen the 'last hurrah' of the networks impact on elections in 2012. In all probability their impact on elections by 2016 and certainly by 2020 will be so greatly diminished it will no longer influence voters.The mainstream media is in a complete state of panic, they see the train heading in their direction but they can't seem to get out of the way. They all know the digital age is here and their landscaped has changed but they can't figure out how to salvage their empires. The reason they can't is because they can't own, buy a percentage of or control the internet. The internet has given average citizens a voice, people can now interact with others about information they send or receive. This used to be the domain of governments and mainstream news organizations but those days are all but over.

Explosive Change

During the 1990s, it was estimated that the Internet grew by 100% per year, with a brief period of explosive growth in 1996 and 1997. This growth is often attributed to the lack of central administration, which allows organic growth of the network, as well as the non-proprietary open nature of the internet protocols. This encourages growth and public consumption and prevents any one company and more importantly any one government from exerting too much control over the network. As of 2010 it is estimated that 2 billion people had access to the internet with the growth showing no signs of slowing down.

The Dark Side

Of course it would be foolish not to acknowledge the dark side of the internet. The Internet is a technological marvel, but there is an evil side that is pervasive and sometimes hard to avoid. No one is beyond its power and pull. It’s a world where academics and researchers might find the data required to solve some of mankind’s biggest problems, but also where criminal syndicates operate, and terrorist handbooks and child pornography are freely distributed. That is why it is up to each one of us to recognize the dark side, keep it in check and understand it for what it is.

Recognize the Dangers

Government and the media's efforts to restrict, monitor, and control the Internet, its services, and its users are the most serious threat to freedoms of our time, perhaps ultimately of any time in history. For abuse of the Internet in such manners could set the stage for a future of dictatorial surveillance and restrictions on communications, knowledge, and speech that simply would not have previously been technically possible. Restriction and control of the internet may be more or at least as damaging as nuclear weapons. Control would be a sure recipe for blunting a new consciousness that we are all so eager to move to. At no previous time in human history has a technology existed that has become as pervasively crucial to so many aspects of our individual and collective experiences. That it why it is critical that every person take an active role in preventing one centralized power from taking control of the internet. We must be particularly vigilante of the United Nations, The United States, China and the EU. Now is not the time for apathy or inaction.

Reason for the Silence

There are reason for the celestial silence and it is not because life is rare in the universe. The so-called "Great Silence" is the contradictory and counter-intuitive observation that we have yet to see any evidence for the existence of aliens. The size and age of the Universe suggests that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial intelligence's (ETIs) ought to exist — but this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence (for most people) to support it

On the Brink of Entering the "Greater Community"

Most thinking people believe that we are not the only community that inhabits the universe. Before we can enter the "greater community" we must prove that we will not self destruct either for environmental reasons (global warming or global cooling) , nuclear wars or from some type of pandemic illness. It is critical that we move beyond self destruct mode and we must show that we are capable of putting a serious dent in sickness, poverty, renewable energy, distribution of power and stop all wars. That is the price of admission to the greater universe and the vehicle for getting our hands on that kind of intellectual capital can only come from the internet.

Difficult to Stay Positive But We Must

It's difficult to not be pessimistic when considering humanity's future prospects. Many people would agree that it's more likely than not that we'll eventually do ourselves in. And in fact, some astrobiologists theorize that all advanced civilizations hit the same insurmountable developmental wall we have. The basic idea is that every civilization destroys itself before developing space-faring technologies. Hence the empty cosmos. Given our own trajectory and the ominous presence of apocalyptic weapons, this scenario certainly seems plausible. But that doesn't mean this interpretation is the correct one, not if we take the time to understand the changes we are going through and be the catalyst for positive change. 2012 did not bring about sweeping dramatic change that many expected but it did bring about a slow gentle 5000 year adjustment that we must begin to grasp. As Bob Dylan wrote back in the 1960's "Times They are a Changin" it is simply up to us to figure out what we are going to do about it!

Change Going Forward

  • The veil of amnesia that we were all born with will start to be lifted
  • The truth about our origins will begin to filter into our consciousness
  • A new sense has been added to our arsenal, intuition, it will become stronger then sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch
  • The world is experiencing a massive wake up call, it is happening now
  • We have entered into an age where people will help others wake up
  • We must demand that governments start the hard process of disclosure
  • We must recognize the lies, such as overpopulation, inability to cure some illnesses, renewable energy are lies told for the benefit of a few and to the determent of many. 
  • We will gain entrance into communities of the universe but we still have to prove that we are worthy
  • Activism through the internet will be unprecedented and unparalleled
  • The internet will dramatically change every few years going forward 
  • The explosion of the internet just at the tail end of the 5125 year cycle did not happen by accident

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