Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seven Foot Cloaked Alien May Have Been Reptoid

MUFON Report:
reported: 2012-01-25
occurred: 2010-01-03 3:30AM
Title: "7 foot tall cloaked being, reptoid."

My friend and I were scoping out a house where ... occult practices [happened] from a fairly good distance, about 100 yards off.

There was a field nearby where cows are kept to feed on the field during the winter, and they were dead quiet.

So was everything else in the valley. Not a single sound, except for a demonic roar ...

{The sound} was multi-pitched, and came from about a hundred yards off every other minute or so.

We didn't ... care though... because we suspected we were well camouflaged and it was late enough at night to evade [it], which we had already done that night ...

We were overlooking an embankment [and were] about 15 yards apart from each other.

He was ahead of me. I was looking at him [waiting for] the go ahead to move because our presence was already known there.

He suddenly froze, then started sprinting in my direction.

Under his breath he told me to run, and run we did, for about 1.5 miles.

Along the way we could hear the multi-pitched voice call to its buddies, and they would call back, in their multi-pitched voices.

When we finally got out ... he told me what happened.

The house we were checking had company. As [he] was checking out the house, a 8.0 to 8.5 foot tall cloaked being came to the window and looked directly at him.

He said he froze [his blood] from its stare, and then saw it make a go for the door of the house. ... He said the thing wasn't human ...

We didn't speak [another] entire word on the ride back.

The feeling down there is [one of] death, and you have to accept it to face these guys.

[Then] when we got back [home] his eyes started to bleed. They bled ... the next full day.

Couldn't really find anything on the internet to collaborate this experience, but we did meet another group ... from the area that had the same exact thing happen to them, eyes bleeding and all.

I have ... evidence to believe that it was reptilian, from [all] the near abduction instances [and] from the triangles down there, and other personal witness of reptilians in the area.

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