Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Baltic Sea Anomaly Video, First Moving Pictures, Video

The first moving pictures of the 'Baltic Sea Anomaly' produced by BlueView Sonar.

This new video of the Baltic Sea Anomaly was just posted on youtube,  I am not sure what the significance (other than the first moving pictures) of this video is but  I will do a bit of research and post my findings shortly. In the meantime here is the latest video and the video of Dennis answering some questions below.

Dennis posted this video on November 3rd, it is in Swedish and does not allow embedding so here is a link to it.

July Q & A with Dennis Asberg

Posters comments
We sent Dennis Asberg a list of questions and he got back to us with this great interview, plus the latest photos and theories! Please like and share to help Ocean Explorer spread the news and attract attention for the next expedition. 

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