Monday, November 19, 2012

UFO Appear to Cross the Country in Waves as Orange Lights

The orange light phenomena continues across U.S. skies with strong waves of cases hitting UFO reporting centers, according to data collected by National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) Director Peter Davenport.

Davenport reported that there was a sharp increase in orange light reports on November 10 and 11, 2012. Then another spike appeared to be occurring November 17.

We previously reported that these sightings were on the increase in: National reports of 'fireball objects' over past year.

A series of reports were filed with NUFORC over a 172-minute period November 17, 2012, between 5 p.m. and 7:52 p.m. Data for the evening is not complete, but here is edited witness testimony for the cases reported so far.

5 p.m., Jersey City, NJ
"We were looking out of the kitchen window towards the south, kind of out over Newark airport," the reporting witness stated. "We saw three orange glows in the sky. At first, I thought it must be the sun or moon, but they were clearly distinct shapes and they were moving kind of toward the left and downward until they finally disappeared behind the houses in the distance. I would say they were not some kind of optical illusion, nor did they appear to be some kind of reflection caused by the sun. They were definitely not airplanes."

5:45 p.m., Santa Cruz, CA
"Three circular objects were moving slowly across the sky together, red/orange in color without flashing, no noise, under high clouds. Individually they faded out. I went inside and then out a minute later and there was one moving across the sky toward the east moving northward. It flickered a bit and then faded out completely."

6:10 p.m., Rochester, NH
"(Late 50s married couple walking dog after dinner.) A reddish, flaming object moving toward us in the night sky, appearing/feeling like a hot air balloon, but moving horizontally too fast," the reporting witness stated. "Might have been something above the flame, wavering. Seemed to be rising as it moved from south/southwest to north/northeast passing by us slightly to the west. It faded into the distance, perhaps two minutes from coming into view until it disappeared to the North. Several minutes later as we approached other pedestrians (three young men) we asked if they had seen it. 'No.' Pointing up to where it had come from, we saw another one roughly the same path. They all saw it. In the next 5-10 minutes we all saw a pair traveling fairly close together, with one passing the other, and then three more individual 'flames' on the same route."

6:30 p.m., Stafford, VA
"We saw about 10 bright, orange lights in the sky," the reporting witness stated. "They started out just above the tree line continuing up directly above. They seemed to be square and in a geometric pattern. After pulling over in a parking lot we noticed that they seemed to be moving slowly all at the same speed. They were not blinking and remained the entire duration (about 3-5 minutes) of the sighting and they made no sound. Some clumped together and they one by one disappeared. There were no clouds in the sky and after contacting the federal aviation agency there was clarity of 10 miles. They were moving from northwest to southwest and the wind was moving in the opposite direction."

6:33 p.m., Stafford, VA
"There were roughly eight to 10 very bright, luminous orange balls of light in the sky," the witness stated. "Traveling at a constant and steady speed, many of them broke off into groups and continued to travel in separate directions until just disappearing without a trace. For a brief moment, they appeared stationary, but as they became more visible it was obvious that they were traveling at a considerable speed. Way faster than a helicopter, but it made absolutely no sound. It was clearly in sight and would have made sound if it were a familiar object but remained silent and clearly visible until disappearing one by one. Some appeared to be very close to each other, almost touching but moved uniformly and at a steady speed. Appearing in different groups and formation, the bright orange lights stretched across the sky traveling some in the same direction and some in different directions all traveling from the northeast. All of them gradually disappeared heading southwest. Checked the local weather immediately after and visibility was 10 miles, 46 degrees, wind northeast 4 mph (ground level)."

6:45 p.m., Springfield, MO
"I was in my front yard when I saw what I thought was a skyrocket," the witness stated. "It was bright red, like police lights but not flashing. I watched it going up waiting for it to explode. It stopped dead still for about five seconds and then took off at a very high rate of speed and stopped abruptly for a split second, then changed direction and flew slowly out of sight."

7:13 p.m., Cedarburg, WI
"We saw eight evenly spaced fireball-like objects, traveling at an absolutely even pace," the reporting witness stated. "A group of three gathered at the 'end point' of where we saw them, and vanished. They were all identical. Red, orange, sphere-like 'torch end' in appearance, and after the first three to four, we could actually count when the next one would appear. And then they stopped. They seemed to be going slow, and appeared to be in 'our' atmosphere, not high in the sky, and totally silent. We are husband and wife. We were in two different rooms, doing separate activities. Wife got up and went outside for no apparent reason, called husband after counting the first five, and he witnessed the last three."

7:52 p.m., Polson, MT
"Seven crafts, light orange glow ball that formed a triangle for a few minutes, then rose up one at a time and disappeared," the witness stated. "A few minutes later one more appeared for approximately two two minutes, then rose up to the north and disappeared. At first it looked like a large group of helicopters coming in several thousand feet over the Mission Mountain range, apron 8,000 feet. Then they sat for a bit, then rose up to the north. Four of the lights formed a triangle. The other three were in a row. They looked spaced a bit like stars, example the Big Dipper - could have been? But have never seen anything like this before. In this part of Montana you don't see too many aircraft."

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