Thursday, November 29, 2012

More UFOs in SW Florida, This Time With Video, News Report

UFO Sightings in Florida Continue 

Gwen McDaniels: "Why should they believe I saw UFO's...I saw them I know, I know it's the truth." Witnesses now claiming they saw strange lights in the skies of Southwest Florida on 2 separate occasions in 2 different locations. Gwen McDaniels: "He said come here quick you've got to see this, bring your camera."LEE COUNTY, Fla. - More people coming forward tonight saying they saw strange lights in the skies of Southwest Florida.  They believe they witnessed a UFO ... And they have the video to prove it. Four in your Corner's Mike Mason is here to share what they saw ... So you can decide for yourself. It all began the night of November 10th. Several people in Cape Coral reported seeing strange lights in the sky.  Since then more witnesses have contacted Fox 4 claiming they also saw these UFO's.  Tonight ... We have new video of these strange lights that some say are out of this world.

Gwen McDaniels and her husband saw the lights last Friday outside of their Fort Myers home just after dark.

Gwen McDaniels: '"There must have been, I want to say 20, maybe there were 15 but the whole slew of them in an absolute straight line and they were gliding, gliding just gliding smoothly and then they turned and went south down 41."
McDaniels grabbed her Android and snapped a couple of photos but for some reason the pictures didn't come out. But last Wednesday Stephanie Ramos did capture images of something she calls extraordinary.
Witnesses: "Where are the other ones? Are the other ones gone? Look that's got to be on the news."

Stephanie Ramos: "My husband's brother comes busting through the door and said there were UFO's outside." Ramos was visiting her family on Fort Myers Beach...her iPhone recording video of these lights at the southern end of Estero Boulevard. Stephanie Ramos: "We just stood on the beach and watched those 3 lights distance themselves farther and farther away and basically just kind of vanished."

The video shows three lights in the sky above the house a triangular pattern. Then one light disappears and the other 2 seem to float away into the night sky.  8 members of the Ramos family witnessed the event. Both they and McDaniels are convinced they saw something from out of this world.

Mike Mason: "So you're a religious woman."
Gwen McDaniels: "Yes, I am."
Mike Mason: "So would you swear on the Bible that you actually saw this?"
Gwen McDaniels: "Absolutely, I would swear on the Bible."

The Ramos family says they asked officials at Southwest Florida International Airport if there were any air traffic recordings of UFO's last Wednesday.  They were told they'd have to file a report to request the audio transmissions. We'll follow up and let you know what happens.

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