Thursday, November 22, 2012

Small Fleet of UFOs in Triangle Formation, Arizona, Photos

On November 15, 2012, a nameless male photographer posted on the website his encounter of three groups of UFOs drifting over the hills near Gila Bend, Arizona. The photographer took five images of the bright red and round-shaped group of unidentified flying objects in an arrowhead group formation.

"I am an outdoor photographer. I shoot the sky all the time so I know what I'm looking at. Most of the time, I can identify anything in the sky. But this time, I cannot explain exactly what I saw," the photographer stated in the website The captured images were also uploaded to the website UFO Sightings Daily on November 16, 2012.
The photographer explained that he was at Gila Bend,Arizona conducting a sunset photo shoot. "I was concentrating on shooting the sunset. Suddenly, my eye caught a strange object flying over the hills. I turned my Nikon d7000 camera to capture the object. The camera uses a 105mm lens on a tripod and I managed to shoot five pictures," he shared.

Minutes later, the photographer noticed two more groups of UFOs that suddenly appeared. In one of the images, he managed to get the three UFO groups gathered together as they floated over the hills. With his experience in taking pictures, the photographer had to use the long exposure because it was already getting dark.

"It is not really close to my location. My estimation is that the objects were about 20 miles away from my position. They were moving erratically. I was having a hard time capturing them because they were only visible when they lighted up with multiple lights for four to five second at a time. When the light went out, I couldn't see them clearly," the photographer further revealed.

The UFOs swiftly vanished while the photographer was still figuring out what he just saw. "The last time I saw them, they appeared to bank out to the west and instantly disappear from my sight. I am still amazed with what I saw at that time. I even came back to the same location the next day but failed to see them again," he admitted.

Gila Bend is a small town founded in 1872. The place has become one of the more popular locations for UFO sightings. In the last 5 years, close to 12 UFO sightings have already been recorded from the area. Most of the objects are light-rounded shapes similar to this recent sighting. The town's population of approximately 2,000 people takes pride in these extraordinary encounters. Several buildings in this small town are even adorned with space and other bizarre themes in order to draw the attention of tourists or UFO enthusiasts.

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