Friday, November 30, 2012

The Alien Scientist on the Illuminati and Time Travel, Video

Alien Scientist

We have watched a few videos and been to the website of the alienscientist and the jury is still out. We will do a some research into some of the information being put forward and check out the forum associated with the site and let you know what we think about it. In the meantime here is a 13 minute video that deals primarily with time travel, the illuminati and even gets into the symbolism in the Wizard of Oz. This guy is a bit arrogant, self righteous and comes off as a bit of a know it all, but somehow we still found the information interesting. At any rate it is worth the effort to check it out. If anyone has any feedback on this video or information it would be greatly appreciated.  

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My response to Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Season 3 episodes on Time Travel and The Steven Huff mansion in the Ozark Mountains.
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