Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two Massive Solar Eruption, Photo, Video

Two Massive Solar Eruptions Captured In High-Definition Video

As we move further into to 2012 we are getting closer to the 11 year pear solar cycle. Had thees flare been directed at earth there is no doubt they could have easily knocked out satellites, GPS and a variety of other electronic equipment Were they strong enough to wreak havoc with our grid, probably not be we have a ways to go before we are out of the woods. In the meantime we should see some extraordinary aurora's photos.

The stunning video shows an enormous pulse of super-hot plasma - called a solar prominence - bursting from the Sun's surface tens of thousands of miles into space.

For the casual solar observer the size of these flares are many, many times the size of earth. The photo below is an accurate example of the sun in relation to the earth!

That mega burst in the early hours of Friday was followed just four hours later by a second.
The eruptions, which happened over a 4-hour period, were so large, "it expanded beyond the camera view" of NASA's spacecraft.

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