Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Triangle UFO Hovers Just Above Car in Sweden

Witness in Sweden Sees Triangle UFO Just Above Car 

This UFO Sighting and report was taken from UFO.se and it was dated Sunday Oct 28, 2012. This is an exact translation so excuse some of the errors but all the details seem to translate well. 

Artist Likeness

A few hours after I arrived in Mariestad after completing the course in Hållsta I got a phone call from Aftonbladet, who had been in a very recent report from a man who had been on the road in the car from Vasteras to Stockholm tonight. After a while the man phoned me up, still excited about what he had seen now more than two hours after the event, something that is not hard to understand. I'll try to give a brief summary of what he saw below:

It was between 18:15 and 18:20 when he was in the car was on E18 about 20-30 km from the city (it turned out to be about 10 miles) on its way to Stockholm. He had just come in on a stretch where his side of the road was single track when he obliquely to the left in front of him, at a distance of what he estimates to a kilometer, saw an object low over the treetops which at first glance looked like a helicopter had some kind of light on it, a light directed down towards the woods.

The object approached the road and after a short time he arrived at the point where also the object was now. When the man had slowed down and drove maybe 30 miles per hour. When he looked at the object, he saw that it was not a helicopter without a large black object, triangular, with two lamps at the rear.

- When I drove into the car in the ditch and hit the hazard lights and went out of the car, he tells me. - I stood behind the car and saw the object over the road, just ten feet above me as I understood it. It was so close that I could have thrown a rock at it.

On the subject sees the man a round, blue light source to the right on the rear triangle (which seemed to pulsate) and a square, more diffuse bright, whitish with a sort of pattern of squares on the right side. He estimates that the base of the triangle is between, 30-45 feet (10-15 meters) and its length is only 12-15 feet (4-5 meters), a very compact triangle with rounded corners, the thickness may have been 1.2 to 2 feet - "far too low for a pilot could have sit there. "

- It passed cars and I am convinced that any more than I must have seen the article, he says. He says that the object was over the E18 for about 20 seconds before it went on the road's south side on a field roughly described in the direction of Västerås. He believes the speed to maybe 30 miles per hour.

- When there passed a few cars so I listened for sounds from the object but it was silent. - After 20-30 seconds, I am very weak in the knees and goes back to the car, the object is visible then still a little farther away but I feel scared and run away, he says.

While he says that if it had not been a central barrier in the way he had turned the car and followed the object. The time of observation was thus sometime between 18:15 and 18:20, probably closer to 18:20 because the man made a few calls after the observation which was recorded in the mobile.

This is what we know about the event so far and few checks we can do tonight. During tomorrow will report on Tobias center go ahead with the event and do some checks. In any case, it is an interesting observation that stands out from the usual bright dots.

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