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Coast Guard UFO Sighting, Lake Erie - 1988

Coast Guard Encounters With Mothership and Satellite UFOs - 1988

On March 4, 1988, near the icy waters of Lake Erie, Henry and Sheila Baker were driving home with their three children. They were returning from having dinner about 8:30 PM. As they drove along, Sheila saw something glowing out over the lake, and told her husband about it. They drove to the beach, and exited their car to get a closer look. They could hear the sound of cracking ice on the lake.

Huge, Gun-Metal Object:
Clearly visible to them was a large, gunmetal-gray football shaped UFO. The object seemed to rock slightly back and forth, while streaming brilliant lights from its ends. It was perfectly silent. Soon, it began to move, descending toward the icy waters. The Bakers become frightened by the eerie-looking object, and drove home. Their house was not far from the lake, and they could still see the UFO through a window.

Yellow Triangular Objects:
Watching the object in the safety of their own home, they could make out blue and red lights flashing on its lower edge. Sheila phoned in their sighting to the Eastlake police department. They police, in turn, called the sighting in to the Coast Guard. While the Bakers watched the UFO, suddenly five or six bright, yellow triangular objects came from the mid-section of the UFO, and darted across the lake.

Coast Guard Arrives:
The yellow triangles moved independently of each other, and seemingly at random, until they finally stopped around the mother-ship, and sped away in the direction of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. This time Sheila called the Coast Guard herself. A team soon arrived at the Baker house. Seaman James Power and Petty Officer John Knaub would investigate the incident.

UFO Cracks Ice:
After Sheila pointed out the UFOs over the lake, the men drove to the lake to get a closer look. They would later report to Coast Guard headquarters in Michigan that they too could hear the ice cracking, and that the abnormal amount of cracking was caused by the larger UFO as it approached the water.
Conversation Overheard:After observing the activity over the lake for a time, Power and Knaub got into their Chevy Suburban, and made a report via their two-way radio. The Bakers could overhear their conversation:"Be advised the object appears to be landing on the lake... There are other objects moving around it. Be advised these smaller objects are going at high rates of speed. There are no engine noises and they are very, very low."
UFO Lands on Ice:
All at once, one of the smaller UFOs buzzed the Coast Guard vehicle in a blaze of light. It then veered away and went to the mother-ship. This activity was observed independently by two witnesses. Finally, all of the smaller objects reentered the large UFO, which had now landed on the ice.

Light Show:
The mother-ship began to put on a light show as it sat on the ice. There were colors of red, blue, and yellow coming from the end of the object. At one point, the smaller objects reemerged and hovered over the larger UFO, before reentering it, and the entire group of UFOs disappeared. This case was published in the 1992 book by Christopher Evans, "Space Case: The Night the Coast Guard Got Buzzed." There has never been an adequate "earthly" explanation for the incident.
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