Sunday, October 21, 2012

UFO & Alien Disclosure, Treaties With Alien Races May Have Been Signed Under Duress

UFO & Alien Disclosure, ET Treaties and Hostile Alien Races

(Full Interview Below)
Gordon Duff the editor of Veterans Today Website was recently interviewed by George Nory on Coast to Coast radio. He claims to have personally witnessed a briefing document in 1982 while working for the government that contained two treaties with extraterrestrial civilizations. According to Duff the treaties were signed by the United States and other countries under duress from hostile alien races. Duff, goes on to say that the U.S, China, South Korea and Japan have been engaging in skirmishes with these aliens in the Pacific for some time.

Alleged Members of MJ-12

Duff says he had high level security clearances which gave him access to the famous Majestic 12 Documents which outlined the treaty, he said that the documents were dated August 23, 1977 from the office of Naval Intelligence and they were 12 pages long. He was allowed to view and study the documents for two hours before they were returned to a folder in the Navy Office. 

There are some people that believe Duff is disseminating misleading information in preparation for a military false flag event. The purpose of such an event would be to get the people of the world to understand (buy-in) that putting weapons in space would be for the protection of mankind. I have never bought into this particular conspiracy but there are many in the UFO community that feel a false flag event is imminent.

You can listen to the interview below.

I have read quite a bit of what Gordon Duff has written and up until now much of it has been reasonable and informative. All of a sudden he seems to be talking about government's fighting UFOs and Aliens in the Pacific and treaties that have been signed with alien races. 

A word about the Majestic 12 Group

The existence of the Majestic 12, MAJIC, or MJ-12 has long been a subject of debate or even ridicule. However, you must understand that back in the 1940's and 50's there were thousands of UFO sightings, the country was obsessed with aliens visiting planet earth. The government took the threat very seriously and there were groups, such as Project Bluebook, Project Sign etc. that studied the UFO Phenomena. So the thought of a very high level elite group that provided information to the President and the chiefs of the military is not much of a stretch to believe in. What would have been astonishing is for the government had not formed such a group. Keep in mind this is the time of the development and deployment of nuclear weapons. To read more about the MJ-12 Group click here or type majestic 12 in the search line for all the articles on this site. 

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