Monday, October 29, 2012

Power Station Explodes NYC, Incredible Video & Photos

Power Station Explosion and Photos of Sandy's Devastation 

This video was taken from across the east river in Brooklyn, it captures the Con Ed (Consolidated Edison) power plant exploding in a series of bright blue flashes. The sound could be heard over a great distance even though the wind was screaming through the canyon like structures in downtown Manhattan.  Con Ed has informed customers that it has shut off power to customers in the Lower Manhattan. The plan to shut off the power at the first sign of trouble should allow the power company to restore electricity shortly after the storm passes. Ten million people are expected to be without power over the next few days. 

The storm surge has reached a new record at about 12 feet (4 meters).

The devastation can be seen in some of the photos below.

Hurricane Sandy, Photos, Damage NY, Manhattan, Con Ed power plant explosion. 

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