Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daytime Sighting of UFOs Flying through Jet Contrails, Video

UFOs Speeding Through Contrails

I came across this very interesting video that shows two very fast moving objects behind a jet putting out contrails. The speed of these two object is phenomenal and they probably would never be seen by the naked eye, the UFOs turn out to be an accidental catch by the person filming. 

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WATCHERS caught ON TAPE !!! craft caught on tape of what i have seen up close , they are very stealthy and can not be seen easily at night even in slow motion , this was daytime and moving very fast. they are about 9 feet long i called them black diamond caskets.they have been seen recently in PA and UK

These two elongated diamond shaped UFOs were accidentally caught on film while a jet was putting out high altitude contrails. 
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