Thursday, September 6, 2012

News Report of Sighting Over Campbell River Vancouver, UFO Hotspot

There is no doubt that the area over Campbell River Vancouver is and has been a hot spot for UFOs for sometime. We reported an another credible sighting which was also on the local news just a few weeks ago. You can watch that report by clicking here.

CAMPBELL RIVER - Strange red lights hovering over Campbell River have one woman baffled. On Sunday night, Lindsay Shann came home from her camping trip. As she unloaded her car she looked up and witnessed an encounter of the unknown. "It was totally bizarre," says Shann.

She quickly grabbed her camera and started filming. She counted five glowing unidentified objects flying across the sky in a formation and within seconds they vanished. She called the nearest military base looking for answers.

"The Captain there told me there was nothing supposed to be flying. He took down my information and told me that he will get back to me if he need more information."

Lindsay doesn't believe in little green men or UFOs and isn't a fan of Sci-Fi but believes there is an explanation and she doesn't know if she'll get one.
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