Monday, September 17, 2012

Stunning Photograph Of UFO Over Field in Switzerland

This story ran in the Tribune de Geneve the other day, it seems to clearly show a UFO passing behind and above a tractor in the field just outside of town. To read the original version of this story in French follow this link. This is the original Google translation so please excuse the english!

Rafael Torres is an amateur photographer in his spare time. Saturday, September 12 he took pictures of sunflowers in the Mandement. It was 10:41 when he photographed a tractor out of a field with a strange object flying just above. The thing seems to move at high speed.

Google Translation
"It is only sorting my pictures on my computer I came across this amazing image. On site, taking the photo, I have noticed absolutely nothing. It looks like a flying saucer, "says the budding reporter, while affirming ignore what it is. Saturday, immortalized human nature Sézenove, the path of the Great Bushes, on a clear day. He took the unusual image with a Nikon D3, a telephoto lens 70 by 200 mm, aperture F10, 640 sec speed. 200 ASA

Asked about any particular activity that day in Geneva, Sonja Gartmann, Skyguide, answered in the negative: "We have not registered on the radar, no specific activities have been identified.But perhaps it should appeal to a bird ... '

An unidentified flying object

So that is it. A UFO? A bird? Sylvia Ekström, from the Geneva Observatory gives its opinion on this: "In the strict sense, we can speak of a UFO is a flying object which can not determine the nature of the photograph . Most of the time, however, people tend to move from description (UFO) interpretation (= AND). "

This is the Natural History Museum that any doubt about this unusual image is lifted. For Manuel Ruedi, mammologiste and connoisseur of birds, there is no doubt that this is one of them: "Probably a pheasant or partridge. In any case a young animal, because the tail is short. These birds are heavy, they should fly fast (note: up to 70 km / h), where the motion blur that you see in the picture. This form is typical of shells ", adding that the partridge has just been reintroduced into the Mandement for protections.

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