Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spectacular Footage of UFO Fleet Departing Moons Surface

While the moon certainly has less gravitation force then the earth nothing should float off of its surface. The moon is approximately one fourth the size of earth and roughly speaking the gravitation force is 75 percent less that that of earth. It would enable a man to jump a great distance but nothing should simply float off the surface of the moon. If you are of the opinion that this video is genuine then the objects that you see coming off the moon have to be generating their own power. There have been compelling arguments that the moon has long been visited or even inhabited by ET. 

Poster Comments
While filming the moon on september the 15th 2012 with my telescope and Canon EOS 600D i spotted 13 orbs probably starting from a secret alien moonbase. I edited the raw footage and used dirrentent color to get a better look of these objects.
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