Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UFO Disclosure, Panel Discussion Reveals UFO Secrets at Las Vegas Museum

A powerhouse of Army and Air Force Colonels and a former British Ministry of Defense Investigator were together this weekend at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas to discuss a subject that needs a lot more sunlight shone on it .........UFOs. About 200 people turned up to hear what could only be described as an eye opening discussion. 

Each one of these men are highly credible sources and in their day carried very high level security clearances. These men have held highly sensitive position within the military and are knowledgeable about subjects not normally discussed in public. The panel had a lot to say but there was one area of agreement..........UFOs are real and the subjects deserves more research and more openness. 

Highlights of the panel discussion:

Retired Air Force Colonel Charles Halt said that the federal government is covering up the subject of UFOs and there is a secret agency that deals with extraterrestrial visitations.
"I'm firmly convinced there's an agency, and there is an effort to suppress,"
Halt was the Deputy Base Commander at Bentwaters military base in England during the December 1980, famous Rendlesham Forest Incident. He has little doubt that at the time he observed either extraterrestrials or extradimensional beings. 
"I've heard many people say that it's time for the government to appoint an agency to investigate," Halt said."Folks, there is an agency, a very close-held, compartmentalized agency that's been investigating this for years, and there's a very active role played by many of our intelligence agencies that probably don't even know the details of what happens once they collect the data and forward it. It's kind of scary, isn't it?"In the last couple of years, the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were or heard anything about Bentwaters officially? When the documents were released, the timeframe when I was involved in the incident is missing -- it's gone missing. Nothing else is missing," he said.Halt added that he's never been harassed over the reports he made about the Bentwaters UFO incidents.

Retired Air Force Retired Colonel Bill Coleman made a rare public appearance for the event, he was the chief spokesman for Project Blue Book from 1961-1963. He recounted his amazing UFO experience while piloting a B-25 Bomber in 1955.
"We were moving at maximum continuous power for the B-25, about 300 miles an hour, and we got right down to the treetops and I closed in on it very rapidly. I said I was going to overtake it -- 'Hang on and put your seat belts on' -- and I made a hard 90-degree bank to try and pull up alongside of [the UFO] and it wasn't there."I zoomed up about 1,500 feet, and then I could see the object right on the deck over a freshly plowed field moving at a pretty good speed, and it [was trailing] two vortexes." When Coleman dove behind the trees to try and "head him off at the pass," the UFO was gone. He said it was a typically reported flying saucer.
Retired Air Force Colonel Robert Friend disagreed with the Air Forces negative conclusion about UFOs.
"My primary explanation for these things is that, yes, they're real, and I think it would be much better if the government or some other agency was to take on these things and to pursue the scientific aspects of it," Friend said.
Friend attempted to leave the audience with some hope!   
"UFO sightings are real, and you will not be ridiculed by any honest organization that investigates it. Just come forward, quote your case and allow people to investigate what they can to make some determination about what it is that you've seen. In the future, just remember that we're on your side."

Nick Pope Former British MoD Investigator attempted to set the record straight.
"While I apologize to those people who might be expecting or hoping for a 'spaceship in a hangar' smoking gun, what you are getting is the real deal: an insight from people who have looked at this mysterious and infuriating subject for the government," said Pope, a former UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defense."The UFO subject is a field which does have its fair share of crackpots and charlatans and cultists. What you have this evening in a field like that is a panel of people who indisputably and genuinely have done this for the government and the military."
"Whatever the nonsense you see about this subject sometimes in the field, we never lost sight of the fact that, in all of these hundreds of thousands of sightings, the believers only had to be right once, and everything changes."
Many of them had their belief reconfirmed that the government is holding back information on UFOs and extraterrestrial visits to earth. They also had a sense that there is a government within the government that knows all about UFOs and ETs.  

The audience was not treated to a UFO walk through in a government hangar at Area 51 but they did come away with the sense that there were responsible people in the military and government that believe in UFOs and in some cases had an up close and personal experience.  

A Review of the Panel

Ret. Army Col. John Alexander(above left) : Former military insider who created Advanced Theoretical Physics -- a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFOs.

Ret. Air Force Col. Charles Halt(above Right): Former base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and vital eyewitness to the amazing UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980, where he believed the observed UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin

Ret. Air Force Col. William Coleman(above left): Former USAF bomber pilot, chief of Air Force public information and producer of NBC's "Project UFO" series.

Ret. Air Force Col. Robert Friend(above right): Former director of the Air Force's Project Blue Book from 1958 to 1963.

The fifth guest at the museum's  UFO lecture was former U.K. UFO desk officer Nick Pope.

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