Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jesse Ventura Digs Up New Evidence on JFK Assassination-Video

It is my belief that this segment of Ventura's story is true. I do believe that Lyndon Johnson is at the bottom of the JFK assassination. He had ambition that was beyond anything normal and he wanted to be President in the worst possible way. 
In an effort to provide full disclosure I had met several people that served on the Warren Commission (which investigated the JFK's murder) and all they would reveal to me was that it was not a loan shooter in a book repository in Dallas. They both said that President Kennedy was assassination and would offer no further details. 

Lyndon Johnson
Jesse Ventura, former governor, exposes the conspiracy behind the JFK murder through the deathbed confession of a high ranking CIA agent who was directly involved in the incident. The assassination was planned at highest hold of the Government with several high ranking politicians and governmental employees involved. Is there a present connection between those now in control, from Obama and back through, Bush (I & II), Clinton, Gerald Ford to Nixon and those who were responsible for ordering the removal of John F. Kennedy? The secret tape recordings of the confession will stun you and expose the conspiracy for what it really was all about!

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