Saturday, September 22, 2012

Professor Claims To Be Recruited By Extraterrestrial

Professor Recruited by ETs

Retired chemistry professor Dominic Roberti has found a new friend, a “star” that responds to his thought messages in beguiling ways. 

Three years ago, Dominic and his wife Carolecame out of church one Saturday night and spotted a yellow-orange orb moving high above them. Both were eager to learn about extraterrestrial objects, popularly known as UFOs. They later connected with a grapefruit-sized orb that has visited above the huge oak tree in front of their home. “Pinky” responds to their telepathic messages, turning in circles, drawing a square and wiggling. Since then, Roberti has trained with the Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in North Carolina, and insists that ETs are benevolent, manifesting spirituality and advanced technology that they share with us.

In addition to general and physical chemistry, he has taught courses in the history and philosophy of science, the environment, energy alternatives and food and nutrition. Interested from his undergraduate days in questions of philosophy and religion, he has continued these interests to the present time.

He now gives talks and workshops on ecospirituality, extraterrestrial intelligence and regularly teaches adult education courses and gives meditation workshops. An active member of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, he writes a column on environmental topics for the CPF Newsletter.

His anthology, Essays for Gaia offers insights on spirituality, Mother Earth, Teilhard de Chardin, peace, the environment and ecology.

For more about Dominic Roberti, visit his website:

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