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One of The Most Compelling UFO Cases on Record, The Cosford Incident

Mass Sighting - The Cosford UFO Incident, The British UFO Mystery

Triangular Craft with a light sweeping back and forth was a common description.
First Reports
During the last two days of March 1993 there was a mass UFO sighting in the United Kingdom that has become known as the 'Cosford Incident' or the 'British UFO Mystery'. The first sighting took place in Somerset at approximately 8:30 pm on March 30th followed by another sighting in Quantock Hills at 9:00 pm. For the next two days hundreds of reports poured into local police stations and the MoD. Many of the reports were filed by police officers and military personnel.   It has been confirmed that many more people in all walks of life, police, military and the public saw the UFO but made no attempt to report it to the authorities. The vast majority of the reports described a triangular shaped craft with white lights at each point.

Many of the reports included people that had seen the UFO at very close range, within 200 - 400 feet from the ground. One of the most intriguing reports came from a family in Straffordshire who saw the object so low that at one point they thought it had landed in a field. They described the UFO as triangular or diamond shaped. They immediately gave chase in their car to the suspected landing sight but had no luck in finding the object. They did describe a: 

"low humming sound, a very low frequency sound. They said you didn't just hear the sound you actually felt it, like standing in front of a bass speaker."
No one is sure if there is any significance to the fact that this mass sighting happened three years to the day of the famous mass sighting termed the Belgium Wave, which had more than 1000 witnesses from virtually every walk of life!  

UFO over two military bases
The UFO proceeded to fly over two military bases, RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury, it was seen by at least three people on guard patrol at Cosford. These individuals immediately filed reports which is standard procedure for anything unusual in the air over any military base. They checked radar, there was nothing scheduled to fly that night over or near the bases, not military or civilian aircraft, the radar returns were all negative. A detailed investigation was launched into the the potential radar findings and oddly enough one of the primary radars heads was either intentionally disabled or had been disable prior to the UFO incident, rendering any potential radar information inconclusive. 

Independent expert verification
They phoned RAF Shawbury approximately 12 miles away from Cosford. The base meteorologist took their call, he was a man with about 8 years experience and had been looking into the night sky preparing for the next days weather report. To his absolute amazement he began to see a solid object in the sky that he described as a craft of more than 200 feet long. He further described it as being midway between a Hercules C-130 Military Transport plane and a 747 flying directly over the RAF Shawbury. He also described the low hum. For all intents and purposes the meteorologist acted as an independent expert witness that verified both the craft and the sound.  

Beam if light - Impossible acceleration
One of the most intriguing aspects of the meteorologist report is that he claimed that the craft was putting out a beam of light directed at a field just beyond the perimeter of the base fence. The light was tracking back and forth in a sweeping motion as if it were attempting to find or detect something on the ground. . After sometime the beam of light retracted and the craft moved off. It was estimated that the craft was moving no more than 20 -40 mph. Eventually the craft shot off at a very high mach acceleration in a split second.  The meteorologist account was verified by several civilian witnesses which you can see in the video below. 

Black Projects - MoD Questions the Americans
Nick Pope (MoD UFO investigator) made the following admission at the time:

In view of the controversy about Aurora (an alleged hyper-sonic replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird) we did, in the case of the March 1993 UFO sightings, raise the issue with the US authorities, through the British Embassy in Washington. Was it possible that something had gone wrong with the normal processes for overflight of another country and could our UFO sightings be attributable to some US prototype? The answer I got back was extraordinary. The Americans had been having their own sightings of these large, triangular-shaped UFOs and wanted to know if the RAF might have such a craft, capable of moving from a virtual hover to speeds of several thousand mph in an instant. We wish we had! The interesting thing about this was that somebody in the US was still clearly taking an interest in UFOs, despite the apparent disengagement from the subject in 1969 with the closing down of Project Blue Book. Sadly, a letter to the US Embassy about Aurora was the only document missing from the case file released to Steel Spyda following their FOIA request for documents relating to the March 1993 UFO sightings.

Ufos The Cosford UFO Incident March 1993 England by thecoeurdelumiere

Skeptics have a field day
The skeptics eventually started to come our of the woodwork, they appeared on TV news shows, in the mainstream media (print, radio and TV), but now that we have the luxury of hindsight it is clear that they did not understand the sighting very well and knew nothing of military or government procedure. They suggested that reports were incorrectly taken, time of the reports were mishandled, altitudes (even by the military) were incorrectly recorded and a variety of other nonsensical arguments against the idea that UFOs could actually exists. The skeptics hung their hat on the Russian communication satellite Cosmos 2238 re-entry into earth orbit as being the main culprit for the sightings. The MoD investigators were well aware of the Russian Satellite and they concluded that the satellite was the cause for a grouping of reports on March 31, 1993 at approximately 1:00 am but could not possibly be the cause for the majority of the sightings that did not occur at that time or on that date. 

Nick Pope, the chief UFO MoD investigator wrote to his superiors:
"It seems that an unidentified object of unknown origin was operating in the UK Air Defence Region without being detected on radar; this would appear to be of considerable defence significance, and I recommend that we investigate further, within MoD or with the US authorities"
After considerable effort was made investigating the incident, the MoD finally concluded that there was evidence that suggest that an unidentified object (or objects) of unknown origin were operating over the United Kingdom. In essence the MoD further concluded that the object was real, it was not a misidentified craft or a hoax of any kind. This is the MoD's way of saying it must be a bona-fide UFO! 

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