Saturday, September 1, 2012

Black Triangle UFO Sightings in Florida and Arizona - Unedited Reports

These are unedited recent MUFON reports, describing the same type of UFO in different parts of the country at about the same time.

Black Triangle over Wesley Chapel Florida

My wife and I observed 3 lights in the night sky between 9:00 and 9:30pm est on the night of August 11, 2012 in a city called Wesley Chapel/New Tampa, FL. We first observed the lights forming a transparent triangle shape just to the west of a Sam's Club (which would put the object somewhere around I-75 between SR 56 and SR 54 in Pasco County Florida). We pulled the car into the parking lot of Sam's Club to get a better look. Upon exiting our car, we watched the object as it continued in an easterly path to the north of the Sam's Club. The object appeared to be under 1000 feet high, because it flew between the ground and the thunder clouds that were in the area at the time. Also, the object appeared to be 200-300 feet in length. When we saw that the object was going to pass to the north of us, we attempted to pursue and intercept the path of the object. We drove north on Bruce B Downs, approximately 1 mile north of SR 56. We then pulled over to the side of the road as the object continued its flight path to the east. While we were observing, another couple and their children pulled over to the shoulder and observed this same thing. After a little research, we saw that some triangle shaped sightings are simply the NOSS satellites, which have been misidentified as a UFO. However, this was NOT THAT, because this object was flying below thunder cloud height, which is WELL BELOW any satellite orbit.

Black Triangle over Tucson Arizona

I was sitting at my computer desk at home at about 8pm or so in the evening when I happened to glance out of the window over my desk and I saw a triangle craft with a bright white lights at each corner and a red light in the center of the craft, all on the underside. It was flying from east to west just over my backyard and made no sound at all the I could hear and I had my window wide open so I should have heard something. I see and hear planes flying over my house all day long because we are on the flight path for all of the planes coming in to Davis Monthan AFB and I enjoy watching the different type of planes coming in for a landing. This was totally different because the craft was like it was 'gliding' perfectly smooth and silent and the lights were perfectly spaced at the 3 corners of the triangle with the red light in the center. No green lights or flashing strobes whatsoever were seen and they should have been prominent because this craft was so clearly visible to me and when I watch planes flying at night I automatically look for the required FAA lights and this is the first craft I have seen at night without those required lights. Also I am an avid UFO researcher and have had my fair share of actual UFO sightings in my life as well as reading and educating myself on what to look for to determine if a sighting appears to be genuine or not and this triangle stood out as unique to me. First of all we had major thunderstorms in the area all afternoon and evening and so there were no other planes flying in this area because of the severe wind-shear and downdraft effects being present, and because of the flight path of the triangle being totally out of the normal direction of air traffic for this zone being strictly north-south and the triangle was going from east to west. Also the craft SLOWED to less than a stall speed and seemed to hover very briefly (about 3-4 seconds) and then speed back up and make a severe turn to the north in waaaay too short of an amount of time for a craft of that size (747 or larger from my perspective)to be able to execute. All of this took place in a very short space of about 15-20 seconds before it flew out of my view over the house and by the time I was able to pull myself together and get outside the craft was GONE. That right there combined with the super sharp turn and no sound just spelled UFO to me. I intend to contact the civil aviation authorities in the morning to see if any craft were in my area last night to confirm my sighting. UFO's are very real and always exciting to witness in person and this one is no different for me in that regard. I appreciate MUFON for giving us a platform for reporting our sightings.
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