Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alien Contactee/Abductee Lectures For MUFON

WILMINGTON | ZSun-nee Matema is out of this world.

At least that is what the guest speaker for the September MUFON-NC meeting would have you believe. Matema, a member of the Maryland MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapter, spoke to a packed room at the Northeast Regional Library. Her lecture – “Something Is Out There!” – focused on alternative theories about alien contact, including angelic communication, interdimensional travel and telepathy.
“Not all contact happens with little people landing to meet you,” she said.
Matema described her own journey into the world of UFOs and metaphysical studies, which began when she was visited as a child by a non-human entity.
“One night, as I was reading, out of the corner of the room came this person, this being,” she said. “He explained to me about planets, other dimensions. He took me different places and showed me what life was like there.”
Her encounters with the being occurred over the course of many years, she said. Although she at first attributed them to a vivid imagination, later in life, Matema said she realized it was reality. “It’s taken years to put it all together. I thought perhaps I was making some of this up.”
According to Matema, she firmly believes there is a “grooming process for contact,” whereas one is acclimated to the intensity of unknown truths. She said, “It’s a conscious kind of reawakening.”
Since her reawakening, Matema has explored past lives and traveled in her dreams. Included among her experiences are interactions with the Egyptian deity Anubis and visions of a past life as a non-human entity.
“I had childhood memories of Atlantis,” she said. “I opened my eyes, and I saw the earthquake again.”
Matema also told of her lifetime as a member of the theoretical lost civilization of Mu. During that lifetime, she claimed to be among those charged with genetically improving the human species at the “Temple of Beauty.”
“I do honestly believe if we learn to apply what we receive in our dream lives, it will enhance our experiences,” she said.
Matema is a member of the Rosicrucian AMORC (a metaphysical studies group, Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) and has hosted an XM Radio program as “The Eye of Isis.”

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