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One of The Most Compelling UFO Cases on Record, The Cosford Incident

Mass Sighting - The Cosford UFO Incident, The British UFO Mystery

Triangular Craft with a light sweeping back and forth was a common description.
First Reports
During the last two days of March 1993 there was a mass UFO sighting in the United Kingdom that has become known as the 'Cosford Incident' or the 'British UFO Mystery'. The first sighting took place in Somerset at approximately 8:30 pm on March 30th followed by another sighting in Quantock Hills at 9:00 pm. For the next two days hundreds of reports poured into local police stations and the MoD. Many of the reports were filed by police officers and military personnel.   It has been confirmed that many more people in all walks of life, police, military and the public saw the UFO but made no attempt to report it to the authorities. The vast majority of the reports described a triangular shaped craft with white lights at each point.

Many of the reports included people that had seen the UFO at very close range, within 200 - 400 feet from the ground. One of the most intriguing reports came from a family in Straffordshire who saw the object so low that at one point they thought it had landed in a field. They described the UFO as triangular or diamond shaped. They immediately gave chase in their car to the suspected landing sight but had no luck in finding the object. They did describe a: 

"low humming sound, a very low frequency sound. They said you didn't just hear the sound you actually felt it, like standing in front of a bass speaker."
No one is sure if there is any significance to the fact that this mass sighting happened three years to the day of the famous mass sighting termed the Belgium Wave, which had more than 1000 witnesses from virtually every walk of life!  

UFO over two military bases
The UFO proceeded to fly over two military bases, RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury, it was seen by at least three people on guard patrol at Cosford. These individuals immediately filed reports which is standard procedure for anything unusual in the air over any military base. They checked radar, there was nothing scheduled to fly that night over or near the bases, not military or civilian aircraft, the radar returns were all negative. A detailed investigation was launched into the the potential radar findings and oddly enough one of the primary radars heads was either intentionally disabled or had been disable prior to the UFO incident, rendering any potential radar information inconclusive. 

Independent expert verification
They phoned RAF Shawbury approximately 12 miles away from Cosford. The base meteorologist took their call, he was a man with about 8 years experience and had been looking into the night sky preparing for the next days weather report. To his absolute amazement he began to see a solid object in the sky that he described as a craft of more than 200 feet long. He further described it as being midway between a Hercules C-130 Military Transport plane and a 747 flying directly over the RAF Shawbury. He also described the low hum. For all intents and purposes the meteorologist acted as an independent expert witness that verified both the craft and the sound.  

Beam if light - Impossible acceleration
One of the most intriguing aspects of the meteorologist report is that he claimed that the craft was putting out a beam of light directed at a field just beyond the perimeter of the base fence. The light was tracking back and forth in a sweeping motion as if it were attempting to find or detect something on the ground. . After sometime the beam of light retracted and the craft moved off. It was estimated that the craft was moving no more than 20 -40 mph. Eventually the craft shot off at a very high mach acceleration in a split second.  The meteorologist account was verified by several civilian witnesses which you can see in the video below. 

Black Projects - MoD Questions the Americans
Nick Pope (MoD UFO investigator) made the following admission at the time:

In view of the controversy about Aurora (an alleged hyper-sonic replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird) we did, in the case of the March 1993 UFO sightings, raise the issue with the US authorities, through the British Embassy in Washington. Was it possible that something had gone wrong with the normal processes for overflight of another country and could our UFO sightings be attributable to some US prototype? The answer I got back was extraordinary. The Americans had been having their own sightings of these large, triangular-shaped UFOs and wanted to know if the RAF might have such a craft, capable of moving from a virtual hover to speeds of several thousand mph in an instant. We wish we had! The interesting thing about this was that somebody in the US was still clearly taking an interest in UFOs, despite the apparent disengagement from the subject in 1969 with the closing down of Project Blue Book. Sadly, a letter to the US Embassy about Aurora was the only document missing from the case file released to Steel Spyda following their FOIA request for documents relating to the March 1993 UFO sightings.

Ufos The Cosford UFO Incident March 1993 England by thecoeurdelumiere

Skeptics have a field day
The skeptics eventually started to come our of the woodwork, they appeared on TV news shows, in the mainstream media (print, radio and TV), but now that we have the luxury of hindsight it is clear that they did not understand the sighting very well and knew nothing of military or government procedure. They suggested that reports were incorrectly taken, time of the reports were mishandled, altitudes (even by the military) were incorrectly recorded and a variety of other nonsensical arguments against the idea that UFOs could actually exists. The skeptics hung their hat on the Russian communication satellite Cosmos 2238 re-entry into earth orbit as being the main culprit for the sightings. The MoD investigators were well aware of the Russian Satellite and they concluded that the satellite was the cause for a grouping of reports on March 31, 1993 at approximately 1:00 am but could not possibly be the cause for the majority of the sightings that did not occur at that time or on that date. 

Nick Pope, the chief UFO MoD investigator wrote to his superiors:
"It seems that an unidentified object of unknown origin was operating in the UK Air Defence Region without being detected on radar; this would appear to be of considerable defence significance, and I recommend that we investigate further, within MoD or with the US authorities"
After considerable effort was made investigating the incident, the MoD finally concluded that there was evidence that suggest that an unidentified object (or objects) of unknown origin were operating over the United Kingdom. In essence the MoD further concluded that the object was real, it was not a misidentified craft or a hoax of any kind. This is the MoD's way of saying it must be a bona-fide UFO! 

You can read 16 additional worldwide mass UFO Sighting cases here.

Rare UFO Sighting Caught on Color Film 1952- Tremonton Utah

Unusual UFO Sighting Filmed in Color 1952

This is a very unusual but great UFO Sighting with a good explanation from 1952. It is extremely rare to find film of this age in color. 

Posters Comments
Delbert Newhouse UFO Footage - 1952 - Tremonton Utah

UFO Sighting, Tremonton Utah, 1952, Rare Color Video

Ultra Thin Melt Away Medical Chip Invented

Ultra-thin electronics that dissolve inside the body have been devised by scientists in the US and could be used for a range of medical roles.

The devices can "melt away" once their job is done, according to research published in the journal Science.

The technology has already been used to heat a wound to keep it free from infection by bacteria.

The components are made of silicon and magnesium oxide, and placed in a protective layer of silk.

It is part of a field termed "transient electronics" and comes from researchers who have already developed "electronic tattoos" - sensors that bend and stretch with the skin.

They described their vanishing devices as the "polar opposite" of traditional electronics, which are built to be stable and to last.

Getting the electronics to fade away in a controlled manner relies on two scientific developments - getting the electronics to dissolve at all and using a shell to control when that happens.
The device dissolves when it comes into contact with water

Silicon dissolves in water anyway. The problem is that the size of components in conventional electronics means it would take an eternity. The researchers used incredibly thin sheets of silicon, called a nanomembrane, which can dissolve in days or weeks.

The speed of melting is controlled by silk. The material is collected from silkworms, dissolved and then allowed to reform. Altering the way the dissolved silk crystallises changes its final properties - and how long the device will last.

Prof Fiorenzo Omenetto, from Tufts school of engineering, said: "Transient electronics offer robust performance comparable to current devices but they will fully resorb into their environment at a prescribed time, ranging from minutes to years."The future?

A range of uses have already been tested in the laboratory including a 64-pixel digital camera, temperature sensors and solar cells.

John Rogers, a mechanical science and engineering professor at the University of Illinois, said: "It's a new concept, so there are lots of opportunities, many of which we probably have not even identified yet."

He told the BBC one likely use would be in wounds after surgery.

"Infection is a leading cause of readmission, a device could be put in to the body at the site of surgery just before it is closed up," he said.

"But you would only need it for the most critical period around two weeks after surgery."

The team of researchers have tested on rats a device that heats a wound to kill off bugs.

There are also ideas around using the technology to slowly release drugs inside the body or to build sensors for the brain and heart.

It could also be used to make other items such as computers or mobile phones more environmentally friendly.

"Imagine the environmental benefits if cell phones, for example, could just dissolve instead of languishing in landfills for years," said Prof Omenetto

MUFON's Roger Marsh To Be on ZeroLux Sun Sept 20, 2012 8pm

Roger Marsh UFO Writer & MUFON PR Director To Be on ZeroLux Radio Sunday 8pm Sept 30, 2012

This is a good opportunity for those wishing to speak with Roger Marsh or listen to him. He has a wealth of knowledge about Ufology and has had several interesting stories of his own to tell. 

This episode we’re featuring Roger Marsh, director of public relations for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and editor of the monthly MUFON UFO Journal. Mr. Marsh’s writings and UFO related news articles can be found all over the internet by simply searching his name. It’s clear he’s an expert in the field of UFO sightings and experiences, and we’re happy to have him join us for this episode of Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux

MGH Presents: ZeroLux Radio- Guest - Roger Marsh of MUFON
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Romania Becoming UFO Hotspot, Video

UFO Over Romania - Sept 2012

Romania has been somewhat of a UFO hotspot of late, you can view another recent sighting in Romania here.

UFO over Romania by justa4t

UFO Sighting Romania, Video

UFO Over Boston, Was it Aliens, Vision of Hell or Something Else!

UFO, Visit From Aliens, Vision From Hell or Meteorite
It is not uncommon when people see a UFO to desperately want to know what is going on. To a certain degree it shatters their reality, it changes some of the most basic ground rules they have been living by their entire life. Also, all the scientific data, all the naysayers instantly become irrelevant because you know what you saw. You have a new reality after a UFO sighting but that new reality but it is not a grounded reality like that of the rest of of society, so you have to find a way to fit it into your new normal and that is extremely difficult.

UFO witness - Neil-Michael Brown claims to have seen a terrifying vision in the skies over Boston. Below: Neil s sketch of what he saw. 
A BIZARRE UFO spotted in the skies over Boston has been described as a terrifying religious vision.

Neil-Michael Brown, 34, of Nottinghamshire, was visiting the town after staying with a friend in Old Leake when he saw ‘carriage-shaped vessels in the sky’.

Speaking to The Standard he said: “I don’t believe in aliens, and I wasn’t on drugs but what I saw was certainly out of this world. Even when I think about it now, it disturbs me.”
Describing what he said: “I was walking along by the garage near Matalan at about 11.30pm on Friday night and something caught my eye in the sky, going from right to left."“At first I thought it was one of those Japanese lanterns but then I saw something else materialise.

“The clouds came away from it and revealed what I can only describe as a train carriage with fire coming off it.”
Mr Brown said it was heading towards the direction of the 700-year-old Stump church – and moving so fast it almost looked like a fireball.

He said: “It looked like there were two train carriages attached, with one pulling the other in a slightly upwards trajectory.“Behind the second carriage was what looked like a flaming kite tail with sparks coming off it, and I could see these falling to the ground and then going out. It looked like there was smoke with the trail too.
“It was absolutely unbelievable.
“I couldn’t see any windows or anything like that but it appeared as though there were seams to the object that were glowing red hot.”

Mr Brown brushed off suggestions it could have been the meteorite spotted in other more northern parts of Lincolnshire around the same time.

“There’s no way it could have been a meteorite as it was going up if anything, not down,” he said.

“I banged on the window of the garage forecourt to try and get the man to look at it as well, but he must have thought I was going to rob him as he didn’t come out.”
Mr Brown claims the sighting gave him an ominous feeling of doom and added: “I’m very concerned about what I saw. It was scary. To me, and I know it’s going to soound crazy, but it looked like a prison van with a train full of prisoners being dragged to Hell.

Mr Brown, of Keyworth, said the only other time he has experienced something ‘other-worldly’ was when he had a near-death experience following an road accident.

He said: “When I was 18 I was in a head-on crash with a lorry and was in a coma for some time. The doctors said I might end up like a cabbage.”

During the time he was in a coma, Mr Brown said he had a vision of a tunnel where he was then faced with the choice of entering two doors – one with light behind it, the other darkness.

“I went towards the one with the light, but heard a voice saying ‘that’s the wrong one’ – so I went through the dark one and then woke up in the hospital bed,” he said.

Verifying his Mr Brown’s character, his long-term friend Nathan Hodgson, of Old Leake, told The Standard: “I’ve known him for years and he is nobody to just make up a story like this. For him to be this freaked out and adamant about it, there must be something in it.”

Mr Brown added: “I know it sounds like a mad claim to make but I would take a lie-detector test over it if I could. I just want to know what’s going on.”


Two Identical UFO Sightings on Google Map, 1000 Miles Apart

We first reported a UFO sighting turning up in google maps street view two days ago and now another identical sighting has been recorded. For the original story click here. 

Mystery of two identical UFO's almost 1,000 miles apart caught on Google Street View

Two mysterious and identical UFO's almost 1,000 miles apart have been observed on Google Maps - raising questions as to what they are and how they were photographed there in the first place.

The red orb-like shapes are visible to all users of the application online at Jacksonville in Texas and at the Sky City Casino Hotel on 32 Indian Service Route 30, Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.

At both locations the same object appears in the sky hovering over the street and was first pointed out to ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas by Andrea Dover who noticed the first UFO while using Google Maps to get directions.

                    Texas UFO                                               New Mexico UFO

To see the Texan UFO you don't even have to enter a street into the search bar, just Jacksonville, Texas and go to street view, pan around there it is.

To date no one has been able to explain the image, especially not the residents of both towns who seemed clueless as to what the glowing red flying saucer could be.
It it not clear how the second identical image in New Mexico was discovered., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

The object that is seen in the Texas Google Map image was shot right by the Landmark building at the 69 and 79 intersection, near to Sadler's Restaurant and right across the street from a Taco Bell restaurant.

The most popular theory as to what the orbs are in reality are sun glare from the camera or the reflected arches of a McDonald's restaurant.
KLTV-TV, the local ABC affiliate even sent a reporter to investigate the image, but all he managed to fi

'No one I spoke with had seen anything strange over Jacksonville, and although it could be a lens flare or an unexplainable reflection of some nearby object, I saw no indication of anything which fell under that umbrella,' said reporter Jamey Boyum of KLTV-TV.
'We have contacted Google to see if they are aware of the object, and we have not heard back from them.'

NASA UFO Footage, From Actual Archives, Video

Compilation of NASA UFO Archive Footage

NASA, UFO Sighting, Video

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UFO Over Football Game in San Antonio

UFO Over Football Game in San Antonio Saturday Sept 20, 2012


UFO Being Built For China in the USA

Cosmosphere Builds UFO for International Exhibit

HUTCHINSON, Kan. -  SpaceWorks, the Cosmosphere division internationally recognized for space artifact restoration and replication, has just completed design and fabrication of its first Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) for an exhibit, "The Science of Aliens," opening Nov. 9 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Republic of China.  Not only is the design/build project unique, its transportation to Taipei is allowing the Cosmosphere to, once again, broaden its reach to a global level.

The 3,000-pound UFO is 20 feet wide by 9 feet tall, constructed with steel tube framing and aluminum sheeting, complete with uplights, downlights, circulating beam lights and sound. The project was commissioned by Universal Impression, a Taipei-based exhibit promotion company that designs traveling exhibits for museums throughout Asia. Universal's recent exhibitions have featured subjects as diverse as Monet, Van Gogh and the science of robotics.

"When the Cosmosphere was approached by Universal Impression about the possibility of fabricating a replica UFO, one of the first things we did was to research what a UFO might look like," said Cosmosphere President and COO Jim Remar.  "Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history, but there is one common theme: the apparent shape of a UFO is generally reported as a saucer or disk.  Based on the descriptions and drawings of UFOs we found - somedating back to ancient times - we ultimately developed this design."

According to the Cosmosphere's research, the earliest UFO sightings in recorded history can be found in 4th century Chinese texts claiming that a "moon boat" hovered above China every 12 years.
The most well-known sighting was by American businessman Kenneth Arnold in 1947.  Arnold described what he saw as being "flat, like a pie pan."  This sighting lead to a series of investigations conducted by the U.S Air Force from 1948 - 1969.

Two SpaceWorks staff members will be traveling to Taipei to install the exhibit.

"When it comes to exhibit design, this project is but one example of how well recognized the Cosmosphere and SpaceWorks has become internationally," Remar said.  "We will be discussing the prospect of designing future exhibits for Universal Impression.  We will also meet with officials from Hsinchu province, a community that is developing a new air and space museum.  Obviously, we hope to be part of their design team and anticipate bidding on projects for their new facility."
The UFO is scheduled to leave the Cosmosphere October 5. It will be taken apart to travel by truck to Los Angeles, Cal., be shipped by freighter across the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan, and then take another truck ride to its final destination of Taipei. Once it reaches Taipei, SpaceWorks crew will reassemble it and make sure it is ready for the exhibit.


Area 51, How Much Do You Know, Take a Quiz

What is Area 51? Take the quiz!

Area 51 is a highly classified detachment of Edwards Air Force Base however, some people are convinced that it is an alien Ellis Island. In this quiz, we'll take a look at Area 51 -- what we know, what we don't, and what some wild theories propose.

Air Force To Launch Super Secret X-37B

Air Force Launching Secretive X-37B Space Plane in October, Could Land in Florida

The U.S. military's hush-hush robotic X-37B space plane is slated to blast off again next month, Air Force officials say. The mission will test the robotic spacecraft's reusability and may eventually land on the Florida runway once used for NASA space shuttles.

The X-37B space plane's next mission — called Orbital Test Vehicle-3, or OTV-3, because it is the program's third-ever spaceflight — is scheduled to launch aboard an Atlas 5 rocket from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) sometime in October.

"Preparations for launch at Cape Canaveral have begun," said Major Tracy Bunko at the Pentagon’s Air Force press desk. "We are on track to launch OTV-3 next month; however, the exact date remains subject to change based on range conditions, weather, etc."

A mysterious mission

As with the X-37B program's two previous spaceflights — OTV-1 and OTV-2 — OTV-3's payload and mission details are classified. But the focus remains on testing vehicle capabilities and proving the utility and cost-effectiveness of a reusable spacecraft, Bunko told [Photos: The X-37B Space Plane]

Bunko said in an earlier communiqué that this third flight will use the same X-37B spacecraft that flew the first test flight, the OTV-1 mission, back in 2010.

That maiden voyage of the miniature space plane lasted 225 days. It launched into orbit on April 22, 2010, and then landed on Dec. 3 of that year, zooming in on autopilot over the Pacific Ocean and gliding down onto a specially prepared runway at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

A different X-37B vehicle made a similar Vandenberg touchdown this past June 16, having stayed in orbit for 469 days on its OTV-2 mission.

The X-37B program is being run by the U.S. Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office. The two space planes — which are 29 feet (8.8 meters) long and 15 feet (4.5 m) wide, with a payload bay about the size of a pickup truck bed — were built by Boeing Government Space Systems.

While they're sparing with details about the X-37B program, Air Force officials say thevehicles enable them to test out how new technologies perform in space.

“One of the most promising aspects of the X-37B is it enables us to examine a payload system or technology in the environment in which it will perform its mission and inspect them when we bring them back to Earth,” Bunko said. “Returning an experiment via the X-37B OTV enables detailed inspection and significantly better learning than can be achieved by remote telemetry alone.”

A new landing site?

While both previous X-37B missions touched down at Vandenberg, the Air Force is considering landing future flights at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, next door to the Cape Canaveral launch site.

In fact, the Air Force is currently conducting taxi and braking tests as part of an ongoing appraisal. The prospect of a returning the robotic space plane to the KSC landing strip — which was used by NASA's now-retired space shuttle fleet — is seen as a cost-saving measure.

"We are also considering consolidating landing, refurbishment and launch operations at KSC or CCAFS in an effort to save money," Bunko said.

“We are seeking to leverage previous space shuttle investments and are investigating the possibility of using the former shuttle infrastructure for X-37B OTV landing operations," Bunko added. "Those investigations are in an early state, and any specifics will not be known for some time, but could potentially be used as early as for the landing of OTV-3."

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NASA Plans Permanent Outpost Beyond The Moon

NASA Plans Permanent Outpost Beyond the Moons Orbit

While NASA’s Mars Rover is still roaming about the red planet, NASA has already set its sights on its next project.

NASA plans to build a space station 277,000 miles from Earth, placing it well behind the orbit of the moon. The new space station will be called the “Gateway Spacecraft” and will act as an outpost for a small astronaut crew, serving as a staging area for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and possibly beyond.

NASA is planning to construct the spacecraft using leftover parts from the International Space Station, as well as hardware provided by Russia and Italy. NASA will be using the under development Orion-SLS rocket to get to their destination, with the rocket’s launch taking place in 2017, and construction on the Gateway starting in 2019.

Apparently the concept of the new spacecraft has been under study for months, and that just recently NASA chief Charlie Bolden visited the White House to make his pitch for the project.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a big fan of the project saying, “Those are steppingstones in confidence and training for interplanetary spacecraft. The eventual goal would be to have a human-tended station on the Martian moon Phobos, directing robots to build facilities for permanent residents on the Red Planet. Then, we make a commitment to permanence. It’s like the Pilgrims on the Mayflower.”

While this all sounds very ambitious, the project is expected to cost NASA billions of dollars. In fact, the current building on the Orion system (the spacecraft that will just get NASA to where they need to be to begin construction) is set to cost $18 billion. So, the Federal government may have a hard time justifying giving NASA more moey to make all of this a reality; although, it sure would be cool if all of this went according to plan.

Alien Contactee/Abductee Lectures For MUFON

WILMINGTON | ZSun-nee Matema is out of this world.

At least that is what the guest speaker for the September MUFON-NC meeting would have you believe. Matema, a member of the Maryland MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapter, spoke to a packed room at the Northeast Regional Library. Her lecture – “Something Is Out There!” – focused on alternative theories about alien contact, including angelic communication, interdimensional travel and telepathy.
“Not all contact happens with little people landing to meet you,” she said.
Matema described her own journey into the world of UFOs and metaphysical studies, which began when she was visited as a child by a non-human entity.
“One night, as I was reading, out of the corner of the room came this person, this being,” she said. “He explained to me about planets, other dimensions. He took me different places and showed me what life was like there.”
Her encounters with the being occurred over the course of many years, she said. Although she at first attributed them to a vivid imagination, later in life, Matema said she realized it was reality. “It’s taken years to put it all together. I thought perhaps I was making some of this up.”
According to Matema, she firmly believes there is a “grooming process for contact,” whereas one is acclimated to the intensity of unknown truths. She said, “It’s a conscious kind of reawakening.”
Since her reawakening, Matema has explored past lives and traveled in her dreams. Included among her experiences are interactions with the Egyptian deity Anubis and visions of a past life as a non-human entity.
“I had childhood memories of Atlantis,” she said. “I opened my eyes, and I saw the earthquake again.”
Matema also told of her lifetime as a member of the theoretical lost civilization of Mu. During that lifetime, she claimed to be among those charged with genetically improving the human species at the “Temple of Beauty.”
“I do honestly believe if we learn to apply what we receive in our dream lives, it will enhance our experiences,” she said.
Matema is a member of the Rosicrucian AMORC (a metaphysical studies group, Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) and has hosted an XM Radio program as “The Eye of Isis.”

UFO Turns Up in Google Maps, News Report - Video

UFO in Jacksonville TX, Google Maps

A strange thing appears when you search for Jacksonville, Texas on Google Maps. If you select street view and pan around you'll see an unusual floating object with a familiar shape.

It was pointed out to us in an email from Andrea Dove. She lives near Houston and was getting directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville when she stumbled on the image.

You don't even have to put in a street; just Jacksonville, TX., and go to street view, then pan around, and there it is: a thing that I don't know what it is. It looks like something from a low-budget 1950s flick.

"And this, this is the bridge where Google Maps captured an image no one can explain. Not even the people of Jacksonville," I said, pointing at the overpass., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

CLICK HERE to see the map.

The object was shot right by the Landmark building at the 69 and 79 intersection, Home of Sadler's Restaurant. And across the street there's a Taco Bell. Maybe something was smelling lunch.

Most people who live in Jacksonville just said wow a lot when they saw the image..

I'm just not sure why an unknown object over Jacksonville would be red.

I looked up a dozen different cities and didn't find any similar anomalies. That must make Jacksonville special.

"Do you see anything?" I asked a couple residents.

"Not yet," they replied.

No one I spoke with had seen anything strange over Jacksonville, and although it could be a lens flare or an unexplainable reflection of some nearby object, I saw no indication of anything which fell under that umbrella.

We have contacted Google to see if they are aware of the object, and we have not heard back from them.

UFO Panel Leaves the Audience Wanting More Info

UFO military secrets revealed, but revelations spark more questions

The U.S. government has been accused of a long-running, massive cover-up of a secret agency that solely deals with evidence and information about UFOs and alien visitors, and the claim comes from several high-ranking military officers and a British secret agent who all gathered here over the weekend.

From left, Friend, Coleman, Halt, Pope, Alexander
Among the audience of some 200 at the Smithsonian’s National Atomic Testing Museum were Lee Spiegel from AOL/Huffington Post and Sci-Fi TV channel Ben McGee of “Chasing UFOs,” Ben Hansen from “Fact or Faked” and “Poltergeist” author Mark Victor.

Spiegel said that the bold accusation about the government’s secret UFO agency was made by former Air Force Col. Charles Halt, saying: “I’m firmly convinced there’s an agency, and there is an effort to suppress.” Two former Air Force officers who were part of Project Blue Book, the official military UFO investigation in the 1950s and ’60s, and a former investigator with Britain’s Ministry of Defense also were on the panel “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed.”

The former Military men had impressive credentials, military standings and convictions on the subject sometimes scoffed and scorned by others. These were distinguished and serious-thinking military men with their own UFO experiences. Col. Halt himself when a U.K. military base commander at RAF Bentwater was one of numerous eyewitnesses to several UFOs.

“I’ve heard many people say that it’s time for the government to appoint an agency to investigate,” he said. “Folks, there is an agency, a very close-held, compartmentalized agency, that’s been investigating this for years, and there’s a very active role played by many of our intelligence agencies that probably don’t even know the details of what happens once they collect the data and forward it.

“In the last couple of years, the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were or heard anything about Bentwater officially? When the documents were released, the timeframe when I was involved in the incident is missing. Nothing else is missing.” The colonel says he’s kept in a lockbox copies of tapes, notes and diaries from the experience.

Museum CEO and Executive Director Allan Palmer, who had a distinguished and decorated jet fighter career in the Air Force and Navy, added: “They’ve all been dedicated to serving our country and been very serious about it. These are not flaky people; they’ve all held very responsible positions with high-level security clearances. They’re not the kind of people who tend to imagine things or go off on a wild tangent. They’re very professional.”

Air Force Col. Bill Coleman, who was former chief spokesman for Project Blue Book, told of his own riveting encounter with a UFO while piloting a B-25 bomber. You can read that incredible story in Lee’s report.

“Col. Bob Friend said he disagreed with the Air Force’s negative conclusions about UFOs in 1969. Yes, they’re real, and I think it would be much better if the government or some other agency was to take on these things and pursue the scientific aspects of it. UFO sightings are real, and people who experience them will not be ridiculed by any honest organization that investigates it. “

British Agent Nick Pope, who noted that he had all British UFO publications sent to P.O. Box 007 in London, said that although there was no “spaceship in a hangar” smoking gun, the lecture was the real deal. “This is an insight from people who have looked at this mysterious and infuriating subject for the government.

“This is a panel of people who indisputably and genuinely have done this for the government and the military. There was a wave of sightings throughout the U.K., where most of the witnesses were Royal Air Force pilots, some of whom chased these things, and many radar operatives tracked them.”

Spiegel also has posted a video of CBS’ Mike Wallace (“60 Minutes”) grilling and getting confirmation from Marine Major Donald Keyhoe about flying saucers from outer space being witnessed by more than 800 pilots.

Retired Army Col. John Alexander, a Las Vegas resident and former top-level military insider with the Advanced Theoretical Physics Group, reported several intriguing UFO cases involving pilots and added: “UFOs are real, and it is a global phenomenon -- not something that just happens in the U.S. We need to make it permissible for scientists to discuss and research these topics.”

“The enthusiastic audience really appreciated the panel’s candor, but they probably left with more questions than answers.”


Iron Man, Buddha from Space, Extraterrestrial God


German scientists have discovered an ancient Buddhist statue with extraterrestrial origin.

Depicting Vaisravana, the Buddhist god of wealth or war, the sculpture was carved from an ataxite, a rare class of iron meteorite with high contents of nickel.

"The statue was chiseled from an iron meteorite, from a fragment of the Chinga meteorite which crashed into the border areas between Mongolia and Siberia about 15.000 years ago," said Elmar Buchner of the University of Stuttgart.

In a paper published in Metoritics and Planetary Science, Buchner and colleagues reported their geochemical analysis and the story of the "Buddha from Space," which almost reads like an Indiana Jones movie.

NEWS: Meteorites Pummeled Earth, Delivering Gold

Known as the Iron Man, the 9.5-inch-high statue was discovered in 1938 by an expedition backed by SS chief Heinrich Himmler and led by zoologist Ernst Schäfer. The expedition roamed Tibet to search for the roots of Aryanism.

It is unknown how the sculpture was unearthed, but it is believed that a large swastika carved into the center of the figure may have encouraged the team to take it back to Germany.

Once it arrived in Germany, the Iron Man became part of a private collection and it wasn't until 2009 that scientists could study it, following an auction.

Weighting about 23 pounds, the statue wasn't exactly carved from the most appropriate material. Buchner and colleagues noted that the artist who created it from the extremely hard meteorite may have known that the material was special.

"The fall of meteorites has been interpreted as divine messages by multitudinous cultures since prehistoric times," they wrote.

According to Buchner, the statue was likely carved about 1,000 years ago by the pre-Buddhist Bon culture of the 11th century. However, the exact origin and age of the statue remains unknown.

NEWS: Russia Exposes Secret Trove of Impact Diamonds"While the first debris was officially discovered in 1913 by gold prospectors, we believe that this individual meteorite fragment was collected many centuries before," Buchner said.

Although other meteorites are known to have inspired worship from many ancient cultures, the Iron Man statue is pretty unique.

"It is the only known illustration of a human figure to be carved into a meteorite, which means we have nothing to compare it to when assessing value," said Buchner.

"Its origins alone may value it at $20,000. However, if our estimation of its age is correct and it is nearly a thousand years old it could be invaluable."


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bright Colorful Triangular UFO Over Texas, Video

Triangular Craft Over Arlington Texas

Poster Comment (exact Google Translation from Spanish)
On September 10 record these objects from the backyard of my house, thinking it was a triangular object, but to review it filters through my and other specialists, we realized that there is no structure, and are four objects but to start video another is blue, but leaves the cuadro.Gracias!!

UFO Sighting, Arlington Texas, Video

Fantastic UFO Over Syria's War Torn Country, Video

Triangular Craft Over Daraa, Syria

What starts out as one shaky light in the sky quickly morphs into something very different. Eventually the outline of a large triangular craft begins to emerge. There could be various explanations for this sighting especially in a country that is being torn apart by civil war. The fact that it appears to be hovering and is silent seems to rule out helicopters or conventional military aircraft, so far no logical answer has been offered. 

Daraa is a city in southwestern Syria near the border with Jordan, it has a population of around 100,000. The city is located about 60 miles south of Damascus and is an important stopping station for traveler. I guess it makes little difference where these travelers originated! 

Daraa is an ancient city dating back to the Canaanites. It was mentioned in Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets at the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III between 1490 and 1436 BC. It was known in those days as the city of Atharaa. It was later mentioned in the Old Testament as "Edre'i," the capital of Bashan where Moses defeated the city's king, Og

Poster Comments
This amazing video was filmed on 21 sept 2012 around 11:30 Pm over Draa, Syria. The countery is in war, but this thing is not an airplane or helicopter it has no sound and it appeared for few minutes and then vanished in thin air
Special thanks to J. Al Beraq

UFO Sighting, Syria, Video

Time, Is it Real or Do We Live in the Now?

I have maintained for some 'time' that time is an illusion, time does not really exist. It is something humans have created out of necessity, it organizes us, it explains things, it gives meaning to things that would otherwise seem abstract and it creates a reality that is easy for us to follow and handle. If you took time away, where, or more importantly when, would that leave us? It would leave us only in the moment, it would leave us in the now which is where life happens.  The illusion of time is fortified by the sun coming up everyday or darkness setting in at night, the change of seasons and simply by the appearance of things as they grow in age and wisdom! To understand that time is a man-made event you must make the distinction between your soul and your human body. Are we a soul having a human experience or a human with a soul.  I think you will find this a fascinating article.

The "rebels" who fight the Big Bang theory are mostly attempting to grapple with the concept of time. They are philosophers as much as cosmologists, unsatisfied with the Big Bang, unimpressed with string theory and unconvinced of the multiverse. Julian Barbour, British physicist, author, and major proponent of the idea of timeless physics, is one of those rebels--so thoroughly a rebel that he has spurned the world of academics.
Julian Barbour’s solution to the problem of time in physics and cosmology is as simply stated as it is radical: there is no such thing as time.
“If you try to get your hands on time, it’s always slipping through your fingers,” says Barbour. “People are sure time is there, but they can’t get hold of it. My feeling is that they can’t get hold of it because it isn’t there at all.” Barbour speaks with a disarming English charm that belies an iron resolve and confidence in his science. His extreme perspective comes from years of looking into the heart of both classical and quantum physics. Isaac Newton thought of time as a river flowing at the same rate everywhere. Einstein changed this picture by unifying space and time into a single 4-D entity. But even Einstein failed to challenge the concept of time as a measure of change. In Barbour’s view, the question must be turned on its head. It is change that provides the illusion of time. Channeling the ghost of Parmenides, Barbour sees each individual moment as a whole, complete and existing in its own right. He calls these moments “Nows.”
“As we live, we seem to move through a succession of Nows,” says Barbour, “and the question is, what are they?” For Barbour each Now is an arrangement of everything in the universe. “We have the strong impression that things have definite positions relative to each other. I aim to abstract away everything we cannot see (directly or indirectly) and simply keep this idea of many different things coexisting at once. There are simply the Nows, nothing more, nothing less.”
Barbour’s Nows can be imagined as pages of a novel ripped from the book’s spine and tossed randomly onto the floor. Each page is a separate entity existing without time, existing outside of time. Arranging the pages in some special order and moving through them in a step-by-step fashion makes a story unfold. Still, no matter how we arrange the sheets, each page is complete and independent. As Barbour says, “The cat that jumps is not the same cat that lands.” The physics of reality for Barbour is the physics of these Nows taken together as a whole. There is no past moment that flows into a future moment. Instead all the different possible configurations of the universe, every possible location of every atom throughout all of creation, exist simultaneously. Barbour’s Nows all exist at once in a vast Platonic realm that stands completely and absolutely without time.
“What really intrigues me,” says Barbour, “is that the totality of all possible Nows has a very special structure. You can think of it as a landscape or country. Each point in this country is a Now and I call the country Platonia, because it is timeless and created by perfect mathematical
rules.” The question of “before” the Big Bang never arises for Barbour because his cosmology has no time. All that exists is a landscape of configurations, the landscape of Nows. “Platonia is the true arena of the universe,” he says, “and its structure has a deep influence on whatever
physics, classical or quantum, is played out in it.” For Barbour, the Big Bang is not an explosion in the distant past. It’s just a special place in Platonia, his terrain of independent Nows.
Our illusion of the past arises because each Now in Platonia contains objects that appear as “records” in Barbour’s language. “The only evidence you have of last week is your memory. But memory comes from a stable structure of neurons in your brain now. The only evidence we have of the Earth’s past is rocks and fossils. But these are just stable structures in the form of an arrangement of minerals we examine in the present. The point is, all we have are these records and you only have them in this Now.” Barbour’s theory explains the existence of these records through relationships between the Nows in Platonia. Some Nows are linked to others in Platonia’s landscape even though they all exist simultaneously. Those links give the appearance of records lining up in sequence from past to future. In spite of that appearance, the actual flow of time from one Now to another is nowhere to be found.“Think of the integers,” he explains. “Every integer exists simultaneously. But some of the integers are linked in structures, like the set of all primes or the numbers you get from the Fibonacci series.” The number 3 does not occur in the past of the number 5, just as the Now of the cat jumping off the table does not occur in the past of the Now wherein the cat lands on the floor.
Past and future, beginning and end have simply disappeared in Barbour’s physics. And make no mistake about it, Barbour is doing physics. “I know the idea is shocking,” he says, “but we can use it to make predictions and describe the world.” With his collaborators, Barbour has published a series of papers demonstrating how relativity and quantum mechanics naturally emerge from the physics of Platonia.
Barbour’s perfect timeless arrangement of Nows into the landscape of Platonia is the most radical of all solutions to the conundrum of Before. But his audacity reveals an alternative route from this strange moment in science’s history. In an era in which the search for quantum gravity has multiplied dimensions and the discovery of dark energy has sent cosmologists back to their blackboards, all the fundamentals seem up for grabs. Barbour is willing to step back even further and offer “no time” as a more basic answer to the question “What is time?”
This is an excerpt from Adam Frank's book About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang, newly available in paperback. It's from a chapter titled "The End of Beginnings and the End of Time," discussing radical alternatives to the Big Bang.

Intentional Memory Loss, Researchers Say it is Possible

Researchers discovered a technique to erase newly formed memories 

Researchers claim to be able to erase newly formed emotional memories
Breakthrough could lead to new treatments for phobias and post traumatic stress

Erasing memories has long been a staple of sci-fi films, but researchers now believe they have made a breakthrough in making the process reality.

The groundbreaking research at Uppsala University in Sweden could lead to radical new treatments for sufferers of anxiety and post traumatic stress disorders.

It shows for the first time that newly formed emotional memories can be erased from the human brain.

This is shown by researchers from Uppsala University in a new study now being published by the academic journal Science.

'These findings may be a breakthrough in research on memory and fear. Ultimately the new findings may lead to improved treatment methods for the millions of people in the world who suffer from anxiety issues like phobias, post-traumatic stress, and panic attacks,' says Thomas Ågren, who led the study.

When a person learns something, a lasting long-term memory is created with the aid of a process of consolidation, which is based on the formation of proteins in the brain.

When we remember something, the memory becomes unstable for a while and is then restabilized by another consolidation process.

'In other words, it can be said that we are not remembering what originally happened, but rather what we remembered the last time we thought about what happened,' the researchers say.

By disrupting the reconsolidation process, the team found they can change what was remembered.

In the study the researchers showed subjects a neutral picture and simultaneously administered an electric shock.

In this way the picture came to elicit fear in the subjects which meant a fear memory had been formed.

In order to activate this fear memory, the picture was then shown without any accompanying shock.

For one experimental group the reconsolidation process was disrupted with the aid of repeated presentations of the picture.

For a control group, the reconsolidation process was allowed to complete before the subjects were shown the same repeated presentations of the picture.

In subjects that were not allowed to reconsolidate the fear memory, the fear they previously associated with the picture dissipated, and the memory was rendered neutral.

At the same time, using a MR-scanner, the researchers were able to show that the traces of that memory also disappeared from the part of the brain that normally stores fearful memories, the nuclear group of amygdala in the temporal lobe.


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