Friday, August 3, 2012

Will Extraterrestrials Be Benevolent?

I came across this article by Jared Broker and thought that you may be interested in reading his thoughts on why he believes that extraterrestrials will be benevolent beings.

Written by Jared Broker
Imagining a Better Future

Why Jared Broker thinks that Extraterrestrial will be benevolent. 

The UFO and extraterrestrial community is buzzing with a cacophony of different messages right now. UFO sightings are exploding in number. Self described  extraterrestrial channelers are sharing messages of a more open contact soon.

The  Sirius UFO documentary being produced by the Disclsoure Project received all of their funding from the people very quickly. The ET issue is coming to a head, and I don’t think this just because I am relatively new to this community.

I wanted to share these thoughts just in case there is a major UFO or ET event. Some are going to panic and I hope to limit that. Those in power that want to maintain their control are going to try to capitalize on that fear, no doubt about it.

After studying the UFO and ET phenomenon for a couple of years, here are some of the frightening motives of possible aliens, and why I think they are utter BS. A lot of these arguments are the logical ones of  Dr. Greer from The Disclosure Project who has been studying the ET evidence  and documents for over 30 years.

To read the rest of this article follow this link

This is a good opportunity to remind people how they will most likely think and feel once contact happens.
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