Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best UFO Sightings 2009 - 2012, Research, Validation, Entertainment

Here is a very comprehensive set of 'The Best Of UFO Videos' starting in 2009 and running through 2012.   

There is little doubt that a few of these segments will turn out to be misidentified military or conventional aircraft but on balance most appear to be real.  I believe an honest effort has been made to filter out the obvious hoaxes and videos that are simply too vague to see what is really happening. 

That leaves a very decent selection of UFO videos that is not only entertaining but also revealing and worthy of a bit of research. If you have seen a UFO in the past four years and you have been searching videos to find out when and where a similar craft were spotted and filmed then this is an excellent starting point. Verification and validation of a sighting is a process that can be healing. 

If you truly believe or simply want to believe this is a great selection of videos to sink your teeth into. 

UFO Video, UFO Sighting, Research, Verification, Alien, Alien Technology, UFO Fleet, ET
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