Friday, August 24, 2012

UFO Spotted By Couple Standing in Crop Circle - Video, Avebury UK

A UFO video on YouTube, possibly the first of its kind, combines the sighting of an unidentified flying object with a group of curiosity seekers exploring one of the famous crop circles which popped up in Avebury, England.

The sighting took place on Sunday, but the video was not posted until Wednesday evening, possibly because the witness was not aware that he was successful in capturing the UFO sighting on his video camera.

In the video, he repeatedly says he cannot see the object in his viewfinder. But it's clearly seen as a white orb. It doesn't look like any known, conventional aircraft, and does bear a resemblance to a celestial object, such as a star or planet, except for the fact that it seems to be flying away and suddenly disappears altogether.

A closeup of the UFO doesn't really help to identify it, other than to say it looks exactly like one of the hundreds of other unexplained objects filmed in skies all around the world this year.

Posters Comments
Please note, although the length of time that you see the object is brief, before I got to my video camera to start filming it was glowing incredibly brightly. Like someone in the sky was shining a dazzlingly bright torch. It was unreal.

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