Monday, August 13, 2012

UFO Sighting At Neumayer Station Antarctic South Pole, Conspiracies Flourish - Video

Over the weekend controversy was erupting around the UFO Sighting just above the Neumayer Research Station in the South Pole. Conspiracy theorist were in high gear speculating as to what the video captured. It all started when a webcam that records daily activity captured a UFO just above the facility.  Some were arguing that it was a alien craft that was providing some sort of secret assistance to the scientist, others were speculating that it was simply a weather balloon while the more sinister of the bunch hypothesized it was some sort of secret military weapon. Oddly enough no one seems to have stepped forward saying that it was a weather balloon or any other convention piece of equipment.   

It all began on Friday when an object from the webcam suddenly appears then disappears from several frames of the video.

The YouTube channel owner used some simple photo enhancing tools to clean up and enlarge the pictures, making it look much more like a UFO.

On Saturday, another paranormal researcher on YouTube, wowforreeel, decided to make his own UFO video (above) and tried to locate the frames in question for himself. To his surprise, he claims, the crucial images were missing from the archival feed. So the conspiracies and conjecture continue!

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