Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UFO Sighting on NASA Video, Objects Clearly Out of Sync With Rotation of Stars

This video apparently shows two UFOs in three NASA Video, it is really hard to tell what these anomalies actually represent. They do appear to be objects that are out of place and not in the normal rotation of other stars and planets.

Poster Comment
I noticed 2 objects appear in 3 videos NASA had made public on their website.
I cannot tell if they are stationary or moving, but either way it raises questions in my head.
What are they? If they are satellites how comes they are the only ones visible in these videos and how comes they are so close? What would be the purpose of having 2 satellites in such close orbit?
As i say, i cannot tell if they are moving, or have moved, or are moving during the photography.

UFO Sighting, NASA Video, 2012, UFO Video
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