Saturday, August 4, 2012

UFO Sighting over Fireworks Display in Switzerland, People are Ready For the Truth

I found this somewhat comical and very intriguing that this couple had their video camera out and ready to take pictures of the fireworks when a UFO appeared on the scene. The fireworks immediately became a non issue and the UFO was the major focal point. It tells me that people are so ready for the truth that they are looking everywhere it. 

Poster Comments
This is not a joke! My wife and I were watching the fireworks on the Swiss National Day in our garden when we saw an UFO. I filmed with a CANON EOS 600D. The craft was approached by a plane and moved away. You can see that in the movie. Also the way it moved can be seen. I put the sequences with the UFO together: Between the cut there were about 3 minutes where the UFO was not seen. It is probably disc or triangular shaped. So my wife told: "When we have the fireworks, they (theUFO people) think they can make a little trip without beeing seen." So this is no fake. I just upload it to be shared. It was filmed between 11pm and 12pm August first, the day where we Swiss celebrate the birth of Switzerland with fireworks. I completely forgot to watch the exact time when I filmed it.
maybe it is also this:

UFO Sighting Switzerland, Fireworks Display, UFO Video
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