Friday, August 3, 2012

Has The Smoking Gun Evidence of UFOs and the Existence of Aliens Been With us All Along

Many people believe this to be the smoking gun evidence of military action being taken in space against extraterrestrials. I vividly remember this playing on the national news the day this NASA satellite video came out. There was a panel of three men attempting to explain what the viewers were watching. They concluded that the film showed an extraterrestrial craft taking evasive maneuvers to avoid being struck by some sort of weapon. To say that I was astounded was an understatement. To my knowledge it made the mainstream media for one day only. After that the video clip seem to disappear for a few years. 

Not to sound to conspiratorial but it often seems that we are presented with evidence that is extremely compelling, to the point of absolute proof but for us to believe what we are seeing and hearing would shatter people's reality. It would radically change what we consider to be our 'normal' and most people are not willing to allow that to happen. I often wonder if this ability to deny plausible evidence of UFOs and the existence of alien life is somehow built into our DNA.

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