Thursday, August 2, 2012

Russians Search For UFOs Over Lake Baikal - The Worlds Deepest Lake, Video

There has been a significant increase in UFO sightings over and around the worlds Deepest Lake in Russia, Lake Baikal.

This loosely knit group of 50 UFO enthusiast gathered around the southern end of the lake on Tues. July 31 in celebration of their event which they aptly named the Trans-Eurasian UFO Search Expedition. 

The UFO enthusiasts were drawn to lake Baikal, because locals have reported an increase in sightings of strange objects there.

The group members use photo and video cameras to capture unusual activity in the sky.

One participant even made his own device for capturing UFO activity which he claims monitors radiation, and infrared emission.

A few members of the group have already filmed UFO activity during the past few days. The group will be continuing their expedition through September when they will be ending up in Moscow.
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