Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great Multiple UFO Sighting, Southern France

Google Translated from French
Vaucluse, Southeastern France August 11, 2012 
Jeremy Sauvayre is not an eccentric. This inhabitant of Jonquières is 22, works in a supermarket, and has his head on his shoulders.

And Saturday night Courthézon, sitting with friends in the company of ten people including his parents, the young man observed a strange phenomenon.

It was 11:45 p.m.: "We were eating when we saw nine bright spots in the sky that had taken off from the horizon. They are fitted and gathered in the sky. One of them was more advanced than others, he stopped, and they are positioned in staggered rows. "

"We all saw the same thing"

And Jeremy Sauvayre to explain that these bright spots, which were originally white and orange, "died out one by one." A strange ballet that lasted almost two minutes, and he immortalized through his mobile phone. Suffice to say that the evening with friends took a turn for the least particular. Each scrutinizing and commenting on the evolution and disappearance of these highly unusual lights in the sky of Vaucluse.

Stars, aircraft, reflections ...? For him, it might rather be UFOs, the famous unidentified flying objects that are fantasizing those who think that planets other than Earth are inhabited: "I assure you that it's weird. Stars, it's not like that. We all saw the same thing. It is true that I'm interested in that, and I consider it impossible that one is alone in the universe. "For now, Jeremy Sauvayre did not alert the authorities of his observations . So, UFOs or not? For now, the mystery remains unsolved.
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