Friday, August 24, 2012

Multi Use Airplane, by Air, Sea, Land, Snow, Bond Would be Envious, Photos

By land, by sea, and even by ski: The multipurpose plane that would make James Bond green with envy (and it can even fold up to fit in a garage)
It is a vehicle best-suited to the realms of a James Bond movie, but instead this plane can soon be in the hands of buyers.

The Lisa Akoya is a plane which is just as comfortable on water - and even snow - as it is in the air.

The two-seater plane is soon to go on sale in the U.S. following more than 70 test-flights, although if you want one, you might need the salary of a Bond villain, as it comes with a $350,000 price tag.

The Akoya made its debut at the AirVenture AirVenture Oshkosh show in Winconsin last month, and will be ready for buyers in 2014 in Europe and America.

It can travel up to 1,250miles on a single trip at speeds of up to 135 knots - 155mph, before touching down on practically any smooth surface.

Naturally, the plane shares an affinity for runways, but if you see a nice seaside resort and the sea is calm enough, there is nothing to stoop a pilot going for a water landing, with a flick of the switch turning the landing wheels into hydrofoils for a safe sea landing.

And, pop a pair of skies onto the water-fins, and an on-piste landing can be safely carried out, assuming no poles get in the way.

It even comes with foldable wings, allowing it to be kept in a garage, and in publicity stills the creators imagine the boat perched on the edge of superyachts, ready to be deploys for a quick getaway.

Meanwhile the insides are decked out with luxurious leather seats.

The clever design has a safety feature which means that if the plane does take an unfortunate turn in the water and ends up upside down, the heavy engine will raise the cockpit out of the water, keeping the pilots above the water line.


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