Monday, August 13, 2012

Dr. Sal's Warning is not from NASA it's a Hoax, Thousands Caught up in the Hype

Benevolent aliens warning of imminent doom
This video (below) is making the rounds through most of the major forums, websites and youtube, in the few short days that it has been posted it has received more then 70,000 views. It appears that people are taking this message very seriously, including some of the forum leaders and organizers (some forums more than others). The amount of attention this is getting is rather phenomenal. Dr. Sal, claims to be scientist at NASA and says he and his department (at NASA) have been in direct contact with an alien race. He goes into detail about how messages are received every 331 days and offers up a dire warning that has been received multiple times. He ends with a message of hope for mankind. The video is rather entertaining so I would suggest watching part of it or all of it if you are so inclined. 

No matter how noble the message may be a hoax is still a hoax. No matter how much we may want to believe something, a lie is still a lie. I afraid Dr. Sal Conti from NASA is really Frank Vidal, an actor.  I must admit that Dr. Sal, sorry I mean actor Frank had me going until I heard the terminology, 
"Hollywood has made a pretentious attempt at colloquial enlightenment". 
That phrase does not simply roll of the tongue even if you are a rocket scientist. That phrase is scripted and thought out. At this juncture there are other videos of Frank Vidal turning up on the internet, people are posting side by side pictures of Frank Vidal aka Sal Conti, so suffice it to say the cat is out of the bag. You can even check out the public section of Frank's facebook  page, not so sure how long this will be up as it must be getting thousands of views!  

DON'T Be taken in, this is clearly a HOAX.  It appears that thousands have been taken in by this conspiratorial hype. It completely plausible that everyone is looking for the next big issue beyond 2012. The 2012 story has made many people wealthy, film producers, actors, writers, website owners, monthly newsletter etc etc.  Everyone seems to be looking for a way to sustain the cash cow beyond this year. Can you think of a better way then to get a message from benevolent aliens telling us of impending doom and then offering us a chance to come together to save the planet. Wow, if that isn't already a movie it probably should be! 


Frank Vidal aka NASA Scientist Dr. Sal Conti

Posters Comments (HOAX Video)
A few days ago, my friend asked me to help him tell the world a huge message. For months, I had noticed him withdrawn and worried, and when he explained to me what his secret was, I almost fainted.

The good news is that he's convinced that there's hope, which is the main reason why he wants to defy everything and everyone that has kept him quiet for too long.

Last night he gave me this video, which was almost 30 minutes long. He wanted me to edit out an introduction intended only for me, but I didn't: I want the world to see it.

I only edited a couple of moments in which he is quietly thoughtful or when he searches for a word for a few seconds, with the only purpose of making it as short as possible, without altering the essence of his message.

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