Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recap of UK's Best Crop Circles for 2012, Pictures

As the crop season draws to a close in England, August has been another busy month for crop circles with 18 formations recorded so far, mostly in the county of Wiltshire.

The first pattern appeared on Aug. 1, just outside the village of Avebury, adjacent to the neolithic stone circle surrounding the settlement. The image bears similarities to four other formations seen earlier in 2012 that have all been interpreted to represent the current astronomy of Venus.

Another crop circle materialized the next day at Chalk Pit with a relatively simple spiral pattern.

Others included a series of labyrinth knots, multiple discs arranged in a hexagon, and also on a square-shaped grid.

Local farmers have been busy harvesting the crops while the weather has been dry, although a few more formations may crop up over the coming days before the season ends.
Formation that appeared at Avebury in Wiltshire Add caption on Aug 1, 2012

Formation that appeared at Chalk Pit in Wiltshire on Aug 1, 2012

Formation that appeared at Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire on Aug 9, 2012 

Formation that appeared at Devil's Den in Wiltshire on Aug 12, 2012

Formation that appeared at Wappenbury in Warwickshire on Aug 15, 2012

Formation that appeared at Oxleaze Copse in Wiltshire on Aug 20, 2012

Formation that appeared at Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire on Aug 23, 2012

Formation that appeared at Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire on Aug 26, 2012

So it has been a fairly productive year for intriguing crop circles. One or two more may very well turn up as the crops disappear from the field for 2012, if they do we will bring them to you here. 
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