Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Images From Mars Show UFOs Say Former Astronaut David Nelson

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been bringing back some interesting images from the Mars surface. The images transmitted back have raised the eyebrows of many but have been quickly dismissed by the government, but that is no surprise. Recently, objects have been seen in the Mars sky and have been dismissed as “anomalies…,” but were they?

Former NASA Scientist and Author of “Let’s Talk UFOs,” Dr. David Nelson has contacted  Ringside Report with his findings on the Mars Rover UFOs:

“I have been investigating UFOs for some time and have done a lot of research and have been able to combat the nonsense that the government has spewed regarding the face and pyramid on Mars. The pyramids are often glossed over but they are in direct alignment with the pyramids of Egypt and have been proven legitimate by their dimensions. So, whatever the mainstream media is putting out there and whatever our government is saying must be disregarded. I worked for NASA for 12 years and know how they operate.As far as these photographs being ‘anomalies,’ I must disagree. They seem to follow a pattern of intelligent control and when added to the other images that have been dismissed as blurs or tricks of light, the picture begins to become clear. Do not be surprised if we find something amazing on the red planet…but do be surprised if we are allowed to see it.”
Former Astronaut David Nelson

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