Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overwhelming Proof of Alien Visitation Say Prominent Ufologist

Stanton Friedman appeared during the second half of Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Friedman is a nuclear physicist and a pioneer in many areas of UFO research, including Roswell, Majestic 12, and the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case. 

Stanton Friedman is always a lively guest and last night's show was no exception. He briefly touched on the Aztec Incident and some research he'd done for his new book, “The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon,” and then he and George Noory got right down to business.

Friedman has been interested in UFOs since 1958. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored “Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a Ufo.” When George asked Friedman what he thought was going on in the UFO field these days, Friedman said he sees four major concerns:

“The evidence is overwhelming that planet earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial space craft. That doesn't mean all UFOs are alien space craft.”“We're dealing with a cosmic Watergate...There are some few people in government who know what's going on. Of course, there are some people who figure that if there was anything going on they would know about it. They don't, so there must be nothing.”“There are no good arguments against the first two... Saying there is no evidence is not a good way to say there's nothing to it.”“We're dealing with the biggest story of the millennium.”
Friedman believes that a lot of debunkers are lazy and just don't want to do the research. It's easier just to demand definitive proof than it is to actually get out there and do the work. Among the debunker theories there's one point that keeps recurring: Why would anyone go to an unimportant planet in an unimportant solar system?

Friedman believes that “every advanced civilization is concerned about its own survival and security. If they weren't so concerned they wouldn't survive. And that means you have to keep tabs on the primitives in the neighborhood, but only close tabs on those primitives who show signs of being able to bother you. 'You want to make a mess of your planet, that's one thing. You want to make a mess of my planet, that's something else.'”

Friedman says there were three signs back at the end of WWII that would indicate that soon Earthlings could become a threat:

  1. Nuclear weapons 
  2. Powerful rockets being used for destruction 
  3. Radar as an indication of the electronics revolution 
According to Friedman, there was only one place in the world where you could study all three of those – Southeastern New Mexico, Trinity Site, the site of the first nuclear weapon.

Friedman said we made an extraordinary leap in our control of the technology able to get us to the stars in 1938. In 1944 we created a big bomb which was a 10-ton blockbuster. But everything changed in 1945 at Trinity Site in New Mexico with the first A-bomb. And In 1952 we set off our first H-bomb, the equivalent of 10 million tons of TNT.

Anybody with any sense knows you can use nuclear energy for propulsion, says Friedman. Any sensible alien would look at us and say, “They're nasty!” Of course, they're going to check us out to make sure we don't export our brand of friendship.

“We're dealing with something of great importance.”

Among ufologists, Stanton Friedman is known for his efforts toward government disclosure, which he doesn't see happening anytime in the near future. He believes the government has been hiding information about UFOs and alien visitations since Roswell. His theory is that those people within the government who know all the facts don't want to do anything that would risk their power and control. “Let the next generation worry about what's happening on the planet.”

Friedman also mentioned that he wishes we had a better television system that would give us factual information instead of just entertainment and he made a reference to the National Geographic Channel.

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