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UFO Explodes Over Wales With Sonic Boom, Sets Off Alarms, Rattle Windows

A meteor has exploded above Wales causing a sonic boom which shook windows and set off car alarms. Hundreds of people saw the fireball shoot across the night sky before exploding near their homes.

Sleeping children were woken by a "sonic boom" created as the golf ball sized meteor exploded above South Wales. Homeowner Steve Edwards, 56, said: "There was an enormous boom - It sounded like a bomb going off.

"The force of it shook the windows in my house, woke up my children and caused car alarms to start going off in the streets. "I'm just glad none of it landed on my roof."

Police and coastguards in South Wales had dozens of reports of a bright flash in the sky followed by a loud bang. Witness Nathan Jones, 34, who lives in nearby St Athan, said: "I've never seen something so amazing in my life. "It had a heat trail behind, It was orange and white and very bright, and also seemed very close.

"It looked like it was skimming through the atmosphere due to the curved path it was taking."

The meteor was first spotted in the North West and amateur astronomers watched as it sped towards the border of Wales and the South West. Hannah Sabido, 33, who spotted the meteor from her home in Bristol, said: "I first noticed it as a very bright glowing light behind cloud, travelling very fast.

"It looked like a bright white ball with a long bright tail and possibly a green hue. It was brighter than the moon. "It became more orange towards the North East, giving off orange sparks before bursting out."

The meteor eventually exploded above Cwmbran, near Newport, South Wales.

Astrophysician Dr David Whitehouse said: "It was a piece of space rock coming into the earth's atmosphere and burning up as it does. "It's the size of a golf ball, it's coming in very, very quickly and leaving a bright tail as it vaporizes.

"It's incredibly bright, it burns at an altitude of 60 to a 100 miles above the earth.

"So if one flashes across the UK you can see it all the way along its track even if it it only lasts a couple of seconds.

"It's not unusual for it to be soon for a couple of 100 miles all across the country.

"Scientists will now be very keen to know if it's survived so they can try and collect it and examine it.

"As for the rest of us we don't have anything to fear from a meteor or this size, there's no records of anyone having been killed by such a thing. "It's very, very unlikely to strike a person, much less likely than being struck by lightning.

"Very rarely something large will come into contact with the earth, like the one which helped the dinosaurs on it's way - that was the size of Britain.

"But this meteor is a wonder of nature, something in the night sky to be admired and enjoyed."

Police in Wales confirmed they had dozens of reports of the meteor lighting up the night sky.


Tonights Blue Moon Will be the Last one For 3 Years - Video

Tonight will be the last blue moon for three years but the second full moon of the month.

A blue moon will grace the night sky on Friday, August 31 and don't expect another one until July 2015.

People with less than ideal viewing conditions can watch the lunar event online. The Slooh Space Camera will broadcast the moon starting at 6 p.m. with a feed from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona and an observatory in the Canary Islands. The broadcast will appropriately honor Neil Armstrong who recently passed away. 

Despite its colorful name, there's nothing particularly blue about a blue moon. It simply means the second full moon of the month, so don't expect to see a different hue that night.

Since full moons occur every 29 days and the last one appeared on August 2, we are scheduled to witness a blue moon on Friday. This will be the first blue moon since March 2010, nearly 30 months ago

But you shouldn't worry if you thought blue moon meant the moon would change colors. The popular definition of blue moon, in use today, is actually founded on a mistake.

Back in 1946, an amateur astronomer James Pruett read the phrase in the Maine Farmers' Almanac. The book defined a blue moon as the third full moon of a season with four full moons. Pruett misinterpreted the term as meaning the second blue moon of the month.

It would have stopped there had Pruett not written an article titled "Once in a Blue Moon" for Sky & Telescope magazine. He used the incorrect definition and it stuck, reports

Baltic Sea UFO May Have Been Identified

Baltic Sea Object May Be a Glacial Deposit

A feature on the floor of the Baltic Sea that was discovered last summer by Swedish treasure hunters is making headlines once again. The latest media coverage draws upon an hour-long radio interview with Peter Lindberg, head of the Ocean X Team (which made the "discovery"), in which Lindberg delivers a string of cryptic and titillating statements about the "strange" and "mysterious" seafloor object his team has been exploring for a year.

Lindberg discusses various possibilities for what the object might be: "It has these very strange stair formations, and if it is constructed, it must be constructed tens of thousands of years ago before the Ice Age," he said in the radio interview. (The peak of the most recent Ice Age occurred some 20,000 years ago.)
"If this is Atlantis, that would be quite amazing," he said. Atlantis is a mythical underwater city referred to in ancient legends.
Lindberg acknowledges that the object could instead be a natural formation, such as a meteorite that penetrated the ice during the Ice Age, or an underwater volcano; however, he gives the impression that scientists are baffled by it. Geologists, for example, have supposedly told him the object "cannot be a volcano." [Image Album: Baltic Sea 'Anomaly']

Peter Lindberg
Also adding titillation, Lindberg says a documentary is being made about the seafloor anomaly — the location of which he has not disclosed — and he's saving some juicy details for the footage. "We're not telling everything," he said. "We will reveal some quite interesting things in the documentary."
The divers recently gave samples of stone from the object to Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University. Swedish tabloids quote Brüchert as saying: "I was surprised when I researched the material I found a great black stone that could be a volcanic rock. My hypothesis is that this object, this structure was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago."
In other words, an expert appears to back up their claims that this seafloor object is unexplained, and perhaps is an Atlantis-like ancient building complex. To double check, Life's Little Mysteries consulted that expert. Turns out, neither he, nor any of the other experts contacted about the Baltic Sea object, think there is anything mysterious about it.
"It's good to hear critical voices about this 'Baltic Sea mystery,'" Brüchert wrote in an email. "What has been generously ignored by the Ocean-X team is that most of the samples they have brought up from the sea bottom are granites and gneisses and sandstones."
These, he explains, are exactly what one would expect to see in a glacial basin, which is what the Baltic Sea is — a region carved out by glacial ice long ago.
Along with the mundane rocks, the divers also gave him a single loose piece of basaltic rock, a type of rock that forms from hardened lava. This is out of place on the seafloor, but not unusual. "Because the whole northern Baltic region is so heavily influenced by glacial thawing processes, both the feature and the rock samples are likely to have formed in connection with glacial and postglacial processes," he wrote. "Possibly these rocks were transported there by glaciers."
Glaciers often have rocks embedded in them. At the end of the Ice Age, when glaciers across Northern Europe melted, the rocks inside them dropped to the Earth's surface, leaving rocky deposits all over the place. These are sometimes called glacial erratics or balancing rocks. [Gallery of the Weirdest Balancing Rocks]
Lindberg and the Ocean X Team did not respond to a request for comment on the glacial deposit theory.
Aside from a widely-reproduced illustration recently created by a graphics artist in which the Baltic seafloor object is rendered as a beautiful, Atlantis-like archaeological site, there has only ever been one actual image of the Baltic Sea object: the original sonar scan image captured by the divers last summer, in which the object resembles a crashed UFO spaceship. But experts told us that sonar image should be disregarded.
"The sonar image has numerous artifacts in it that make it difficult to interpret, and I would not place too much confidence in any interpretation until a better processing is done and the details of the type of sonar and particulars are provided," said seabed sonar-scanning expert Dan Fornari, a marine geologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. "I'm saying the data are lacking in resolution, detail and quantification."
The expert analysis suggests this is just a glacial deposit that the Ocean X Team "discovered" in a low-resolution sonar scan. Widespread media coverage, fame and a worldwide Internet following have since ensued. Lindberg laments the fact that no organizations will sponsor his investigation. Some organizations have supposedly told him funding the dives isn't worth their time because the anomaly "might be something very unexplainable." He asks people to support his and his fellow divers' work by purchasing apparel from the Ocean X website.

Alaska Building Warehouse with 5 Yr Food Supply

Alaska to Stockpile Food - Just in Case

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska is known for pioneering, self-reliant residents who are accustomed to remote locations and harsh weather. Despite that, Gov. Sean Parnell worries a major earthquake or volcanic eruption could leave the state's 720,000 residents stranded and cut off from food and supply lines. His answer: Build giant warehouses full of emergency food and supplies, just in case.

For some in the lower 48, it may seem like an extreme step. But Parnell says this is just Alaska.

In many ways, the state is no different than the rest of America. Most people buy their groceries at stores, and rely on a central grid for power and heat. But, unlike the rest of the lower 48, help isn't a few miles away. When a fall storm cut off Nome from its final fuel supply last winter, a Russian tanker spent weeks breaking through thick ice to reach the remote town.

Weather isn't the only thing that can wreak havoc in Alaska, where small planes are a preferred mode of transportation and the drive from Seattle to Juneau requires a ferry ride and 38 hours in a car. The state's worst natural disaster was in 1964, when a magnitude-9.2 earthquake and resulting tsunami killed 131 people and disrupted electrical systems, water mains and communication lines in Anchorage and other cities.

"We have a different motivation to do this, because help is a long ways away," said John Madden, Alaska's emergency management director.

The state plans two food stockpiles in or near Fairbanks and Anchorage, two cities that also have military bases. Construction on the two storage facilities will begin this fall, and the first food deliveries are targeted for December. The goal is to have enough food to feed 40,000 people for up to a week, including three days of ready-to-eat meals and four days of bulk food that can be prepared and cooked for large groups. To put that number into perspective, Alaska's largest city, Anchorage, has about 295,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and Juneau, its third largest, about 31,000.

It's not unusual for states that routinely experience hurricanes or other large-scale disasters to have supplies like water, ready-to-eat meals, cots and blankets. But Alaska is interested in stocking food with at least a five-year shelf life that meets the nutrition, health and cultural requirements of the state's unique demographics. That means, as part of the effort, trying to incorporate cultural foods like salmon for Alaska Natives as well as foods that would be more common in urban areas, state emergency management spokesman Jeremy Zidek said.

An estimated 90 percent of commodities entering Alaska are delivered through the Port of Anchorage. Air service is also a critical link to the outside world and generally the only way to reach many rural communities. A volcanic blast emitting a large amount of smoke and ash could disrupt supply lines by air and water for an extended period, Madden said, and an earthquake could knock out airport runways or ports. Those are just some of the disasters that might require emergency supplies.

Parnell has made disaster readiness a priority of his administration. His spokeswoman said he has experienced firsthand the devastation of natural disasters, including heavy flooding that knocked some buildings off foundations in Eagle in 2009, when he was lieutenant governor, and the Joplin, Mo., tornado last year. Parnell and his wife visited Joplin with members of the relief organization Samaritan's Purse.

Madden said Alaska's readiness is better than it once was and it continues to improve.

State officials have been working to encourage individual responsibility, with talks at schools and public gatherings. Emergency management officials plan to have a booth at the Alaska State Fair. A statewide disaster drill is planned for October.

Over the past year, the state has acquired or purchased water purification units and generators designed to work in cold climates, including units that could power facilities like hospitals, Madden said. Officials also are determining what the state needs in terms of emergency medical supplies and shelter, he said.

Delivery of the food stockpiles would be staggered over three years. It would be replaced after it's used or expired, and it's entirely possible that much of the food will never be needed. It is not clear what the state will do with the expired, unused food.

The project has a budget of around $4 million and hasn't generated any real controversy.

Allen Geiger, enjoying hot dogs from a street vendor Tuesday in Anchorage's Town Square Park, said he had no objections to the plan.

"It seems like an OK idea," Geiger said. "The scale of it is not too huge."

Jerry Seinfeld on Aliens, Zombies and Stuff, Video

Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Einstein Talk Aliens & Zombies on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' Video

This week on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry Seinfeld sits down with Bob Einstein, the man you most likely know as either Super Dave, Marty Funkhouser or Larry Middleman, professional surrogate. But the real Bob is pretty funny on his own.

In this exclusive "Spare Part" outtake from Thursday's episode, Jerry Seinfeld proposes an odd, hypothetical situation -- and we're not even sure where he was going with it -- but Einstein interrupts him knowing exactly what to say to make things instantly uncomfortable. The waitress' timing makes it even better.

The full video is about 12 minutes, if you enjoy Seinfeld you should check it out, 
CCGC website it was just released on Thursday. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overwhelming Proof of Alien Visitation Say Prominent Ufologist

Stanton Friedman appeared during the second half of Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Friedman is a nuclear physicist and a pioneer in many areas of UFO research, including Roswell, Majestic 12, and the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case. 

Stanton Friedman is always a lively guest and last night's show was no exception. He briefly touched on the Aztec Incident and some research he'd done for his new book, “The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon,” and then he and George Noory got right down to business.

Friedman has been interested in UFOs since 1958. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored “Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a Ufo.” When George asked Friedman what he thought was going on in the UFO field these days, Friedman said he sees four major concerns:

“The evidence is overwhelming that planet earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial space craft. That doesn't mean all UFOs are alien space craft.”“We're dealing with a cosmic Watergate...There are some few people in government who know what's going on. Of course, there are some people who figure that if there was anything going on they would know about it. They don't, so there must be nothing.”“There are no good arguments against the first two... Saying there is no evidence is not a good way to say there's nothing to it.”“We're dealing with the biggest story of the millennium.”
Friedman believes that a lot of debunkers are lazy and just don't want to do the research. It's easier just to demand definitive proof than it is to actually get out there and do the work. Among the debunker theories there's one point that keeps recurring: Why would anyone go to an unimportant planet in an unimportant solar system?

Friedman believes that “every advanced civilization is concerned about its own survival and security. If they weren't so concerned they wouldn't survive. And that means you have to keep tabs on the primitives in the neighborhood, but only close tabs on those primitives who show signs of being able to bother you. 'You want to make a mess of your planet, that's one thing. You want to make a mess of my planet, that's something else.'”

Friedman says there were three signs back at the end of WWII that would indicate that soon Earthlings could become a threat:

  1. Nuclear weapons 
  2. Powerful rockets being used for destruction 
  3. Radar as an indication of the electronics revolution 
According to Friedman, there was only one place in the world where you could study all three of those – Southeastern New Mexico, Trinity Site, the site of the first nuclear weapon.

Friedman said we made an extraordinary leap in our control of the technology able to get us to the stars in 1938. In 1944 we created a big bomb which was a 10-ton blockbuster. But everything changed in 1945 at Trinity Site in New Mexico with the first A-bomb. And In 1952 we set off our first H-bomb, the equivalent of 10 million tons of TNT.

Anybody with any sense knows you can use nuclear energy for propulsion, says Friedman. Any sensible alien would look at us and say, “They're nasty!” Of course, they're going to check us out to make sure we don't export our brand of friendship.

“We're dealing with something of great importance.”

Among ufologists, Stanton Friedman is known for his efforts toward government disclosure, which he doesn't see happening anytime in the near future. He believes the government has been hiding information about UFOs and alien visitations since Roswell. His theory is that those people within the government who know all the facts don't want to do anything that would risk their power and control. “Let the next generation worry about what's happening on the planet.”

Friedman also mentioned that he wishes we had a better television system that would give us factual information instead of just entertainment and he made a reference to the National Geographic Channel.


UFO Fleet Over Brooklyn, New York - Video

Posters Comments
Some really strange lights over Brooklyn, New York last night 8/26/12 at about 11pm. All in all there were 30-40 of these glowing orbs that looked to be flying in near perfect triangle formation. We were mesmerized as were several other groups of people who also witnessed the lights from the corner of Vanderbilt and Dekalb Aves. They were clearly not aircraft or helicopters and were in too perfect of a formation to be Chinese Lanterns. After watching them drift across the skyline for several minutes they all disappeared and did not reappear. The craziest thing is that if you search youtube there are multiple videos from exactly one year ago showing the exact same phenomena! If anyone knows what these things were or saw them too, please respond to this video. It was really strange! ps sorry for the language, we were kinda freaking out...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weather Man Shocked to See UFOs on Live TV Shot

The weather man at KTLA in Long Beach California seems perplexed to see real UFOs turn up on his live TV shot on August 19, 2012.

UFO Video on Live TV, August 19, 2012 Long Beach California

Daytime UFO Sighting Near Active Ecuador Volcano - Video

UFO Sightings around an active volcano's is not new, this footage was shot next to a the active Tungurahaua Volcano  on August 19, 2012 in Ecuador.

UFO Sighting, Ecuador, UFO Video, Volcano 

Recap of UK's Best Crop Circles for 2012, Pictures

As the crop season draws to a close in England, August has been another busy month for crop circles with 18 formations recorded so far, mostly in the county of Wiltshire.

The first pattern appeared on Aug. 1, just outside the village of Avebury, adjacent to the neolithic stone circle surrounding the settlement. The image bears similarities to four other formations seen earlier in 2012 that have all been interpreted to represent the current astronomy of Venus.

Another crop circle materialized the next day at Chalk Pit with a relatively simple spiral pattern.

Others included a series of labyrinth knots, multiple discs arranged in a hexagon, and also on a square-shaped grid.

Local farmers have been busy harvesting the crops while the weather has been dry, although a few more formations may crop up over the coming days before the season ends.
Formation that appeared at Avebury in Wiltshire Add caption on Aug 1, 2012

Formation that appeared at Chalk Pit in Wiltshire on Aug 1, 2012

Formation that appeared at Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire on Aug 9, 2012 

Formation that appeared at Devil's Den in Wiltshire on Aug 12, 2012

Formation that appeared at Wappenbury in Warwickshire on Aug 15, 2012

Formation that appeared at Oxleaze Copse in Wiltshire on Aug 20, 2012

Formation that appeared at Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire on Aug 23, 2012

Formation that appeared at Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire on Aug 26, 2012

So it has been a fairly productive year for intriguing crop circles. One or two more may very well turn up as the crops disappear from the field for 2012, if they do we will bring them to you here. 

Dr Greer Answers Questions on Documentary Sirius,

I should tell you that over the years I have supported Dr. Greers efforts to bring about disclosure, he has done some excellent work with the Disclosure Project and is responsible for keeping this subject moving forward and in front of the media but lately I have lost some confidence in Dr. Greer. Over the years he has made some outlandish claims, the most recent is that he has access to an alien body which will prove the existence of ET. All of his efforts in the past few years have been co-mingled with raising money for different projects which is a necessary endeavour but he has not delivered on any of his claims. I could list a litany of promises that were never delivered on but it is simply to tedious to go into. I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being and will review the documentary Sirius. After that I will not cover his efforts to raise money nor will I publish outlandish claims unless there is some factual evidence to back-up his allegations. 

On August 22nd 2012, Dr. Greer held a  webinar where you could hear him give an update on The Disclosure Project and the Sirius movie project.

Dr. Steven Greer has teamed up with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka ( Together, they will produce the Disclosure documentary that will connect the dots and rock the world. This film will include witnesses to the UFO secrecy, explain the connection to Free Energy and provide the vision of Contact with ET Civilizations as witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams. Never before has the wealth of information and insight of Dr. Greer been connected to such a talented filmmaker.

Dr. Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary, UFOs, Aliens, Disclosure

Dr. Steven Greer Will Hold a Lecture in CA Sept 16, 2012

Please take a minute to review the post discussing some concerns with Dr. Greer. You can read it byclicking here.

Join Dr. Greer for a rare Southern California lecture.
Join him for the Sirius Lecture Event -

This 2 hour talk will be the thread tying the Sirius documentary together.
And you can be a part of it on September 16, 2012 in Santa Monica CA. 
With extensive audio visuals of documents, testimony and encounters at CSETI Expeditions,

Dr. Greer will weave together the Disclosure Evidence,
the reason for the secrecy, New Energy and its promise,
culminating with the vision of Contact made by CSETI teams.

To purchase tickets online or get more information go to;

Mile Wide UFO Sighting Above Surface of the Moon

A UFO that the reported to be a mile or more wide appears just above the surface of the moon. There is little to no description of any value to share with you.

UFO Video, Mile Wide UFO Above Moons Surface

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Very Fast Daytime UFO Caught on Video over Jerusalem

I should warn you right up front that this video is from Blake Cousins at Third Phase of the Moon, he has been known to post many obvious CGI or hoax video's for the sake of exposure. Most of the time I view his work as entertainment and not something to be taken seriously. That said this appears to be a credible sighting.

Posters Comments
UFO Sightings UFO Sightings Incredibly Quick UFO Caught In Jerusalem Broad Day Light Sighting!! With Enhanced 600% Zoom! 

UFO Sighting over Jerusalem, Video, August 2012

Very Strange UFO Over California, Local News Report, Video

This is a very bizarre UFO was captured on film in Dos Palos California. The strange object was seen by multiple witnesses and the story was picked up by one of the local news stations.

One witness managed to record the object on video for more than ten minutes. From this video, the aerial object appears to be a metallic-looking, sphere-shaped object with long, shimmery strands suspended below this sphere. Local Fox affiliate KMPH explored the possibility that this UFO was simply a weather balloon, but scientists from the National Weather Service said they “haven’t seen a weather balloon that looks like that ever.”

KMPH also sought the opinion of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding this UFO, but the FAA did not return the station’s calls.

Here is the news story KMPH aired about the UFO over Dos Palos:

KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source

Large UFO Sighting Over Myrtle Beach SC - Video

Posters Comments
More Amazing Footage shot by Joe Kiernan North Myrtle Beach,S.C. dusk around 8pm of what looks to be a Mothership hiding in the clouds! Also notice the small Object Disappear as it Zooms Underneath the Unusual Lights! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype! To watch more of Joe Kiernans Videos Click Link!

UFO Sighting Myrtle Beach SC, Video, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

UFO Sighting over Germany Sparks Debate to Authenticity

This is a fairly interesting video that is garnering viral views on youtube plus stirring up a lot of controversy, it appears people are evenly divided on whether this is CGI or real.  

Posters Comments
This is my update video of UFO hovers over the mountain Achalm (castle) in Reutlingen, Germany on August 18, 2012. Amazing sighting!

UFO Sighting, Germany, Video

Crop Circle, Appears to be 3D Box, Wiltshire, UK, Video

Crop Circle discovered August 26, 2012 - Wiltshire
No explanation or description provided with the video. 

Crop Circle, Wiltshire, UK, Video

Strange UFO Sighting Over Melbourne Australia, Video

Bright objects traverse the sky over Melbourne, apparently the poster of this video has more footage which will be available soon.

Posters Comment
Still going through more footage from last nights session.

UFO, UFO Video, Melbourne, Australia

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Did Armstrong & Aldrin See Two Huge UFOs on the Moon, The Facts Are Hard to Dispute - Video

In this very short video Buzz Aldrin all but admits that he saw UFOs on the moon. In typical Aldrin fashion he basically makes his statement and immediately gets off the phone, as if to say "I can't talk about this anymore"!

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon died Saturday from heart failure. For many, Armstrong is the all-American hero who performed the seemingly impossible. He fulfilled President Kennedy’s vision of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Armstrong’s walk on the moon was televised and witnessed by hundreds of millions around the planet. For many it was an unforgettable experience and sparked hopes of a bright future for human space travel. 

What Armstrong experienced that day on the moon has been marked by controversy over a two minute period of radio silence that surprised viewers and fueled many theories over what really happened. According to alleged leaked government documents and photographs, Armstrong did not just see the barren landscape televised to millions, but something much more significant. According to NASA insiders and an alleged ham radio transmission intercept, what Armstrong witnessed that day changed his life, and led to the eventual abandonment of the manned lunar missions. According to alleged leaked documents, two huge extraterrestrial spacecraft watched the Apollo 11 landing, and observed the Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin moon walks.

During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. According to NASA, the problem arose from one of two television cameras overheating, thus disrupting the reception. What really happened, according to various sources, was that Armstrong and Aldrin saw something else watching them! According to Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret (1988) HAM radio operators receiving the VHF signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to NASA’s Houston headquarters, intercepted the following message which NASA screened from the public in the missing two minutes:
MissionControl:What’s there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.Apollo 11:These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the moon watching us. (Above Top Secret, p. 384.)
The HAM operator’s radio intercept was widely dismissed by the media, but in 1975 it received unexpected support. Maurice Chatelain, is a retired NASA communications engineer who helped develop the communications system used in the Apollo moon missions. In his 1975 book, Our Cosmic Ancestors, he wrote
Only moments before Armstrong stepped down the ladder to set foot on the Moon, two UFOs hovered overhead. Edwin Aldrin took several pictures of them. Some of these photographs have been published in the June 1975 issue of Modern People magazine.” (p. 25) Later, in 1979, Chatelain said that Armstrong’s sighting of two UFOs over a lunar crater was being deliberately kept from the media and public by NASA: “The encounter was common knowledge in NASA, but nobody has talked about it until now.”  Even more remarkably, Chatelain claimed that:… all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin – flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence.

Was the missing two minutes of radio silence during the Apollo 11 moon landing an attempt by NASA to cover up what Armstrong really saw on the moon? Were UFO sightings a common occurrence during Apollo missions?

According to Buzz Aldrin in a number of press interviews, Apollo 11 was indeed watched by a UFO during its journey to the moon. Aldrin describes how the Apollo 11 astronauts avoiding mentioning the word UFO in reporting what they were witnessing, and instead asked Houston about the location of the Saturn V launch rocket. Aldrin’s admission that Apollo 11 was being shadowed by a UFO does give credence to belief that UFOs did witness the moon landing, and Armstrong had reported this to NASA in a radio communication that resulted in the missing two minutes of radio silence. Aldrin’s admission also supports Chatelain’s claim that one or more extraterrestrial vehicles watched the Apollo 11 moon landing as Chatelain claimed in his book.

Is there any other source supporting the controversial claims that Neil Armstrong had witnessed two huge extraterrestrial vehicles over a lunar crater watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. According to Timothy Good, Dr Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and Professor of Mathemeatics at Moscow University at the time:
Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But his message was never head by the public – because NASA censored it. (Above Top Secret, p. 384)
So why did NASA eventually terminate the Apollo missions if extraterrestrial visitors were there and watching the Earth? The answer according to Armstrong, as relayed by an unnamed Professor at a NASA symposium is as follows:
Professor: What really happened out there with Apollo 11?
Armstrong: It was incredible … of course, we had always known there was a possibility … the fact is, we were warned off. There was never any questions then of a space station or a moon city.
Professor: How do you mean “warned off”?
Armstrong: I can’t go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology – Boy, where they big! … and menacing …. No, there is no question of a space station.
Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?
Armstrong: Naturally – NASA was committed at that time, and couldn’t risk a panic on earth…. But it really was a quick scoop and back again. (Above Top Secret, p. 186)

So what’s the truth? Did Neil Armstrong really see extraterrestrial vehicles on the moon, who eventually warned NASA not to return? With Armstrong’s death we will perhaps never have his personal version of what really happened on that July day in 1969. Perhaps NASA will one day release an official version of what really happened, or have they already done so through a fictional movie admission by Buzz Aldrin? In the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Buzz Aldrin comes forward to reveal a version of the truth about what he and Armstrong saw on the moon. In the movie he says on a secret black operations radio line to NASA, during public radio silence, while on the moon:

Buzz Aldrin: You cannot believe what we’re seeing…
Black Ops NASA Technician: We are not alone after all, are we?
Buzz Aldrin: No, sir. We’re not alone.
If the above events are true, it must have been very difficult for Armstrong to keep official silence about what he really saw on the moon for over four decades. Perhaps that explains his reclusive nature after the lunar missions, and public reticence in describing his personal experiences on the moon. If so, he remained true to his word and kept silence despite any personal reservations to the contrary. Neil Armstrong was an American Patriot to the end.

Flaming UFO Screams Past International Space Station - Video

An amazing UFO video was posted to YouTube on Saturday showing what looks like a flaming, unidentified flying object zooming perilously close to the International Space Station (ISS).

Although the object appears for just a split second, it doesn't look like anything ever spotted by the cameras onboard the station, which stream to the web continuously night and day.

The video was posted by the relentless 
UFO hunter, Streetcap1, a researcher with a long history of poring over the images recorded and posting the most mystifying results to the web.

In the clip, the standard view of a camera peeking out into space, with a section of the ISS holding the boom crane aloft in the right hand frame, keeps vigil over the black expanse of deep space.

Suddenly, a red, streaking object whizzes by.

Whatever it is, it's not a satellite or another kind of man-made object, that much is clear. And it seems to be on fire. At the very least, there is a flaming exhaust, clearly visible, streaking from its tail.


If the UFO is a comet or meteor, it came dangerously close to the space station. NASA does a remarkable job of steering the ISS from dangers of this kind. How was it able to evade their sensor equipment?

This UFO sighting is notable because of the fiery, red color of the object. It looks like nothing ever filmed before.

Two UFO Sightings 1) UFO Hits Car 2)UFO Departs Faster Than Anything on the Planet

The following UFO Sightings were reported to MUFON and recorded in their UFO Stalker Report. Both reports are in the witnesses own words. 

UFO Collides With Car

“My girlfriend and I were returning from Olive Garden in my car (2004 Sonata),” the reporting witness stated. “About 0.1 miles from home we descended a large hill. As we passed the last house on the road, an object materialized at the side (passenger side of car) of the road. We spotted it simultaneously, but did not know what it was. It was black, cubic, and about two feet on each side. Stacy said see could see four metallic legs under it. I thought I could see heat radiation coming off its surface. I tried to avoid it, but it lifted up and rammed my right front fender hard as I passed, knocking off my fog light and folding the fender under the wheel well. The object had a metallic feel to it when it hit my car. Stacy rolled down her window because she said she ‘heard something weird.’ The car began vibrating roughly (I had kept going – I was frightened), as if it would stall. We both heard loud jet engine-like noises coming from the right side of the car. I told her to roll up the window and that I would try to get us home. The object was pushing laterally on my car. Suddenly the noises and force pushing against the car stopped. I coasted into my driveway. We got out and examined the car.The right side front fender shroud had been split. Plastic parts littered my driveway, including the fog light.”

UFO Departs at a Speed Not Known on This Planet

At early dawn in May 2004,I had prepared for my usual work day, then as I always did went to the kitchen for my morning coffee. As I entered the kitchen I looked out the north east facing window. From my elevation of 85-90 meters and a distance of 7 km I observed a orange circular orb, which I instantley thought was a sea king helicopter as their base is at CFB Shearwater approx. 6-7 km from UFO also. However, after watching it for about 10 seconds, I realized that I was witnessing a UFO because the orange light was much too large at a distance of 6-7 km. When I first spotted the UFO it was below my elevation at approx. 50-60 meters and hovered for 10 seconds over Cole Harbour NS. Then headed slowly to the south for approx. 30 seconds, traveling a total distance of about 350 meters. The UFO then made a slow descent to an elevation of approx 10 meters and hovered over the Dartmouth Skeet and gun club for close to one minute. After hovering over the gun club the UFO maintained same elevation and very slowly headed due North. When it returned to the approx location of where I first spotted the UFO it Slowly moved up to its origional elevation of about 50-60 meters, then seconds later flew off in a north easterly direction at a rate of speed, not known to exist on this planet. I was very excited during the encounter, so much so that I did not want to let the UFO out of my site. I did not want to miss a thing. Yes I decided to share my experience that morning with a few select co-workers, who seemed to think, I now had a couple of screws loose so I just kept it to myself until now.

Australia's Gold Coast Becomes Hotspot for UFOs

Gold Coast of Australia a Hotspot for UFO Sightings 

It's official -- UFO sightings on the Gold Coast have gone out of this world.

The region's top alien hunters have been at the centre of a spike in reported sightings in the past 12 months, with the usually quiet cooler autumn and winter seasons becoming a hotbed of close encounters of the first kind.

UFO Research Queensland chairwoman Sheryl Gottchell said the number of sightings had been "interesting".

"The information we get helps us chart and record the different things people see. It shows the public is telling the truth," she said.

"We are not alone in the universe and extraterrestrials are interacting with people from this planet.

"Summer is generally when people are outside more at night and therefore more likely to see something in the sky."

The organisation, which started in 1956, keeps a database of sightings 
dating back to the 1990s.

Recent sightings were at Elanora in May and in July near Gold Coast Airport.

A southern coast man reported seeing a crystalline-like object giving off a yellow flash on the airport's flight path about 3am on July 5.

The object was said to emit light similar to fireworks and disappeared over the Tweed region.

The earlier sighting occurred on May 17 at 9.30pm when an Elanora resident and her husband noticed an orange light moving silently from the west.

They reported observing it for three minutes before it disappeared behind clouds.

Many sightings reported in the past year have been on the southern Gold Coast, from the Hinterland to NSW's Banora Point.

To report a UFO sighting, call 3376 1780 or email info@uforq.

Watch All 2300 Newly Discovered Alien Planets Orbit one Star - Video

Watch: 2,300 alien planets orbit one star

To illustrate the horde of alien worlds discovered by NASA's Kepler mission, a new animation crams all of them into one hypothetical solar system.

NASA has been on a roll lately, despite some prominent criticism over the past year. The shuttle era may be over, but NASA still has about 100 active missions on its plate, from science satellites and lunar probes to Mars rovers and deep-space telescopes. Its Kepler telescope, for example, just discovered 41 new alien planets in one fell swoop, raising its total to more than 2,300 suspected planets outside our solar system.
To put that number in perspective, planetary scientist Alex Parker made the following animation of Kepler's top 2,299 planet candidates, all shown together as if they orbited a single star. Each one is drawn to scale, Parker notes on Vimeo, with an accurate radius, orbital period and orbital distance:

Parker, who works at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says he made the video to help people grasp the enormity of Kepler's discoveries. "I wanted to convey the astounding number of planet candidates Kepler has found in a way that would really impact the person watching this video," he says in a statement. Scientists call these "candidates" because some will turn out to be false positives, but most are expected to eventually be confirmed as planets.
The video puts all these worlds in one solar system to show their quantity and diversity, but in reality they orbit 1,770 stars, some of which host multiple planets. They range in size from one-third to 84 times Earth's diameter, and Parker color-coded them based on estimated temperatures — from the bluest, coldest at -166degrees Fahrenheit (-110 Celsius) to the reddest, hottest at 8,286 F (4,586 C).
NASA launched Kepler in March 2009, placing it in Earth-trailing orbit around the sun so our planet doesn't block its view of others. Since then, the one-ton spacecraft has found 2,321 planet candidates amid more than 100,000 stars, which it surveysby looking for the telltale twinkle of a passing planet. Such planetary "transits" are rare and brief, but Kepler watches so many stars that it sees them all the time.
The study of extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, is still relatively new, as scientists only began confirming their existence in the last 25 years. It's unknown how many are out there, but one 2011 study suggested "50 percent of solar-type stars harbor at least one planet," and another estimated the Milky Way alone contains at least 160 million. Most of the exoplanets found so far are huge and close to their stars, as seen in Parker's video: The three white rings represent the average orbital distances of Mercury, Venus and Earth on the same scale. Still, Kepler has found at least some hints of "potentially habitable" planets beyond our own.
Kepler's funding was originally scheduled to run out this November, but NASA recently announced it will extend it through at least fiscal year 2016. "The Kepler mission is an outstanding success," a NASA committee wrote in an April report recommending the extension. "Kepler is not only a unique source of exoplanet discoveries, but also an organizing and rallying point for exoplanet research."

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baltic Sea UFO Update, Peter Lindberg's Latest Interview

Peter Lindberg from OceanX Team gave an interview (see below) earlier this month to Red Ice Radio out of Sweden. Here are several of the key points! 

There is a bit a news regarding the Baltic Sea Anomaly and that is that the OceanX team is waiting on some 3D images from a firm in Denmark. On their last expedition they had some equipment that shot thousands of beams at the object which will enable them to create a three dimensional image. The problem is that virtually all of Scandinavia shuts down for the summer while everybody takes holiday. This may seem odd to the rest of the world but after living in Sweden for several years I can assure you that this is simply a fact and a way of life. The images are expected to be available sometime in the next week or two.  

Peter covered a lot ground in this interview, he starts out giving a  brief recap of the history of events, this goes through about the 4 min 30 second mark. He did explain that it was Dennis Asberg that got this story started by contacting the Swedish newspapers and provided a picture of the anomaly in hopes of getting it identified.  He went on to say that the object is made up of approximately 6 parts
  • Foundation or Pillar
  • Main Circular Top or Mushroom Shaped Object
  • The Bubble or Sphere
  • The Ring of Stones
  • The Hole
  • Track or Ridge over a thousand meters long
The other things he discussed are the right angles and the straight lines that appear on the object. Something that is very interesting that I have not heard before is that the the "tail" or the "ridge" that is over a thousand meters long may be attached to the object. If that is the case it makes this even more extraordinary. See Peter's sketch below where he is attempting to decipher if the objects are connected. 

He talks about many other issues but the bottom line is another expedition is slated for this year. The window (for weather reasons) closes at the end of September 2012. Peter feels that it would be beneficial to have a few different scientist on the expedition to help identify and explain what it is they are dealing with. As he rightfully states "we are treasure hunters not scientist". 

We will bring you updated information as this story develops a bit further. 

Posted Comments
The Swedish-based diving company Ocean X Team discovered something unusual on the sonar while they were exploring the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland looking for sunken treasures. They found a 197 feet diameter cylinder shaped object at the depth of approximately 275 feet. Much mystery surrounds the object. Peter Lindberg from the Ocean X Team joins us to discuss the details and anomalies of the object. He'll talk about how the object is giving off electrical interference and disturbing their research gear. Peter provides us with up to date information on their research results and current news. We speculate on what this mysterious object may be.

Baltic Sea UFO, Red Ice Radio, Video, OceanX
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