Sunday, July 8, 2012

World Disclosure Day, Have you Endorsed it, Here's How

Have you endorsed World Disclosure Day - Here is How
Lets be honest, the World Disclosure Day effort is not going to bring about overnight disclosure from the U.S. Government or any other government but what it will do is garner headlines from the mainstream media from around the world that focuses peoples attention on this issue. This in itself will let those that hold this information know that we are paying attention and their efforts to keep secrets is slowly being eroded. 
You can endorse the effort as an organization or an individual. 
World Disclosure Day - July 8
Endorsement Confirmation
Go to: WDD Home Page

Thank you for endorsing World Disclosure Day.  Here's how you can help make this international effort become a viral success.
1)  spread the word via your email lists, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.
2)  create a graphic banner or poster promoting WDD and send it to PRG to be distributed and archived with attribution.
3)  create a video promoting WDD and publish it to your media accounts.   Provide PRG the link so it can promote your video.
4)  let your local TV and radio talk shows know about WDD.
5)  join the WDD Facebook Page and the PRG Facebook Page
6)  grab banners from the WDD website or Facebook page and place them on your websites with links.
7)  looking ahead to 2012, plan events for July 8 to draw attention to the public's right to know the truth from their governments.
8)  help educate your friends, family and colleagues about the mission of the Disclosure advocacy movement.
World Disclosure Day is a project of Paradigm Research Group - Contact PRG
© Copyright Paradigm Research Group 2011
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