Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFOs, Crop Circles, 2012 Explained by Russian Cosmonaut

UFOs, Crop Circles, Energy from 2012 Through The Eyes of Russian Cosmonaut

This video is quickly going viral, it is given a lot of credence from those that have viewed it. I would feel more comfortable if we knew the name and had some background information on the cosmonaut. 

Posters Comments
A former Russian Cosmonaut reveals the WHOLE TRUTH about Dec 2012, UFO, Aliens Existence & Crop Circles, He talks of a nearby planetoid heading our way & of our SUN increasing in size - But perhaps more importantly of a WAVE OF ENERGY headed our way from the centre of the milky-way that is due to impact Earth in mid December.

Several years back NASA reported something about an immense measurable explosion at the center of our galaxy and there was much talk and discussion at that time about the effects it might have upon Earth.

2012, Crop Circles, Russian Cosmonaut, UFOs
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