Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UFO Sighting & Video By Contactee Over Milan Italy, July 2012

Antonio Urzi UFO Video over Milan - July 5, 2012

Antonio Urzi’s ET contact case is well known within the UFO international community. Still highly debated in Italy, the case stands uniquely in the whole history of ufology. In fact, there is no memory of anybody that has produced more than 2,500 video recordings of UFO sightings like Antonio Urzi has done since he began to talk about his experiences at the end of the nineties. Antonio, originally from Livorno and now 37, and his wife Simona live in Cinisello Balsamo, a small town bordering the north of Milan, in the region of Lombardy. Located a few miles off the metropolitan center and densely populated, Cinisello Balsamo is an industrial and residential area, punctuated by high buildings, crowded condominiums and some sparse green in a lot of cold cement.

This UFO video was recorded on July5 2012 by skywatcher Antonio Urzi over Milan!It was recorded with a Canon HD Legria HFR 306!
Watch the original source:
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