Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UFO Sighting in SC Leaves People Baffled, UFO News

UFO Sighting in SC Makes People Question Their Reality

For years, people have said there's other forms of life in the world, and recently strange lights and unknown objects in our area have some questioning that very thing.

After Joe Kiernan's story aired on NewsChannel 15, where he claimed he saw lights flashing in the sky, several people contacted the newsroom saying they saw the same thing.

Some even contacted Kiernan.

"They were just as confused," said Kiernan. "Almost as if they were looking to me for answers."

Those looking for answers included Bill Barrett.

"It's beyond logic," said Barrett who posted on our Facebook page about seeing the same lights as Kiernan. "You're watching it, and you're saying this makes no sense."

This was not Barrett's first or second sighting. It's his fifth.

"If there's something out there or it's a military type situation, who knows?" said Barrett. "But it makes you scratch your head that's for sure."

The Mutual UFO Network says three others reported sightings that same night.

Heather Richards commented on our NewsChannel 15 Facebook page saying, "I saw one of the orange UFO's at one time as well. It was the strangest thing."

The regional office of the Federal Aviation Adminstration says none of its pilots reported anything strange in the air that night.

Shaw Air Force Base said there were no training missions along the coast Wednesday night.

So what exactly did so many people see, and why can't any of them explain it?

"They are beyond logic I don't know if they're of this planet, but there is something up there floating up there that is unexplainable to me," said Barrett.

With more people coming forward, it's adding suspicion of the unknown.

"There's a lot of people that want to know what's going on," said Kiernan. "They would like to know they're not crazy."

Kiernan said he plans on pursuing his search until he finds some answers.
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