Saturday, July 7, 2012

UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon Story Revealed, Video

UFO Hacker Story Revealed

Update, President Obama and David Cameron have held several discussions over the fate of Gary McKinnon. Obama has appeared sympathetic but he has not waived extradition. There is no doubt that this case is much more important than the media lets on, the fact that it has garnered world wide media attention and had two leaders of the free world in multiple discussion indicates that McKinnon got his hands on information that is highly classified and confidential. 

In 2001, a British man named Gary McKinnon allegedly carried out the "biggest military computer hack of all time" when he accessed US Government computer systems in search of data on UFOs. Using the codename of "Solo," McKinnon is said to have hacked into hundreds of computers over a period of18 months - something which, U.S. prosecutors claim, caused no less than $700,000 worth of damage. The U.S. government maintains that McKinnon's hacking activities were "intentional and calculated to influence and affect the US government by intimidation and coercion." 

Today, McKinnon faces impending extradition to the United States (having been denied trial in his home country of England), and possible jail time of 70 years. What is the truth behind this strange saga? What is the real story of the files on "Non-Terrestrial Officers" that McKinnon found? How does this tie-in with UFOs? In a groundbreaking lecture, British UFO expert Matthew Williams reveals the startling facts of this real-life X-Files-style saga. 

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