Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UFO Disclosure, Was The Roswell Announcement Intentional

Was Chase Bradon's Disclosure Intentional

This is a follow up piece to the news that broke over the last few days regarding "proof" that the Roswell Incident was for real. You can read the full story by clicking here. 

Chareles "Chase" Brandon
This short post I found makes quite a bit of sense, ever since I first heard the name Charles Brandon I have been thinking about why this story is breaking, why now, but most importantly who is Charles 'Chase' Brandon and how did he crash onto the scene without leaving much of a trail.  Several publications said that he had 35 years with the CIA and was responsible for covert operations for more that 70 CIA stations around the world. The most specific info we could find was; 
For twenty-five years Brandon served in the Agency’s elite Clandestine Service as an undercover, covert operations officer carrying out foreign assignments involving international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. Brandon spoke out on the 65th anniversary of the Roswell incident - and claims to have seen direct evidence of the 'alien' visitation in a high-security area of the CIA's Langley headquarters. 
So the real questions still go begging, was this announcement by Brandon something that he cooked up on his own, is he really who he says he is and most importantly, was this a calculated bit of disclosure that was intentional?  My inclination is that people, no matter who they are, do not just stumble on a box of the worlds biggest secrets, read them and put them back on the shelf . Then one day decide that the world should know the truth! So my guess is, it is more than likely a calculated piece of disclosure (providing Brandon is for real). The other issue that screams out to be answered is why no vindictive denial by the CIA, debunking everything that Brandon has to say! Did Brandon 'Thread The Eye of a Needle' to move into the super grade position.  I wish I had the answers and we are checking to see what we find out. 

If you think that Chase Brandon would make a public statement that “Roswell happened” as an off-the-cuff remark with no basis in fact, then think again. Chase Brandon served as one of the CIA’s “Presidential Briefers” and ”has worked for over forty years in the US intelligence community (the CIA), Department of Defense and federal/state law enforcement organizations as a specialist in classic espionage operations and covert paramilitary activities”. Chase Brandon was assigned to the National Clandestine Service (NCS) of the CIA, the branch of the CIA which engages in counterintelligence. Counterintelligence is the skill/discipline which has been employed over the past six decades to seduce me, you and everyone we know into believing that the Roswell UFO crash recovery never happened and that anyone who said that it did occur was a member of the “tinfoil hat brigade”. It is now apparent that the lid of secrecy and denial has been officially lifted, and Chase Brandon has been given the go-ahead to begin the re-orientation of our society toward a new reality – the Roswell UFO crash recovery did in fact happen, a UFO was in fact recovered at Roswell along with the bodies of its extraterrestrial crew members, and you and I have been deliberately misled about the truth of this event in the interest of “national security” (I presume) for over six decades.
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