Sunday, July 1, 2012

NASA Says Portals Are Real, Does This Explain UFOs? Video

Are Portals Real - NASA Says Yes

Anyone who every watched an episode of Star Trek knows that the Starship Enterprise was zipping through great distances in the universe by using portals or wormholes. In theory wormholes have always made sense to science but they could never prove there existence. Well, now that has all changed. Wormholes or portals are very much real and it seems that we are just beginning to understand how to locate them. This is a fascinating video that only scratches the surface about this phenomena.

Portals or flux transfer events (FTE) were thought to be stable but just as in sci- fi they are found to be brief and very dynamic.  They only occur when a magnetic portal opens in the Earths magnetosphere through which high energy particles flow. So in  a sense sci-fi has become reality!

The existence of wormholes would go a long way in explaining the erratic and very short duration of many UFO sightings. Could it be possible that UFOs are only seen as they "uncloak" just prior to entering or exiting a portal. I know this sounds very sci-fi but the existence of portals is very sci-fi.

Since we know that portals exist between planet earth and the sun than it only stands to reason that portals would exist between galaxies. This would explain why we have not found anybody living in our immediate neighborhood. Maybe there is an abundance of life in the universe but not in the Milky Way. It could be they are traversing the galaxies using these hyperlinks.  

This story has not gotten a lot of attention but is should. This could very well be the one piece of the puzzle that man has been stuck on for a long time. Now that it is beginning to be put into perspective we can start to see the big picture, it makes the UFO phenomena much more plausible and believable!   

A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These portals or wormholes link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun.

If you are like I am, it really makes you wonder what Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek) knew long before the rest of us, tricorders are now real, the iPad is an everyday item and now portals or wormholes have been discovered. These were the things of science fiction, fun things to think about, but who knew they would become a reality in our lifetime. Is it really that big a leap to believe that wormholes or portals have been used by aliens traversing the galaxies in what we call UFOs for hundreds if not thousands of years? 

When man understands how to use these "links" to travel than everything changes. The universe will open up to mankind and it wonders will start to be revealed. This discovery gives new meaning to the term "hyperlink." 

It should be noted that I am using the term "portal" and "wormhole" interchangeably, I consider both to be doors or openings that connect space and possibly travelers to distant realms.

A wormhole exist in theory, it says that space can be bent (photo above) providing a link or connection to two very distant places.

NASA and science tell us a portal is a connection to a magnetic field between two distant points, in particular between the earth and the sun. 

When you really stop and think about this new discovery it gives credence to the possibility of time travel and a major boost to quantum physics. More on that in another posts. 

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