Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chasing UFOs Dirty Little Secrets

Nat Geo's Chasing UFOs Dirty Little Secrets
The team travels to the central California town of Fresno where frightened residents say they are being watched after they recorded a strange craft patrolling the skies. Trying to find an explanation for what these people saw, Ryder, Ben and James hear rumors of a secret military base that people suspect may be housing these mysterious craft. The search for the truth leads the team underground where they discover evidence of an underground facility. But does the team push their quest too far when they set their sights on a local military base rumored to be home to these top-secret aircraft?

The investigation begins with a video of what looks like a triangular craft moving silently over a Fresno neighborhood. They go to visit the woman who shot it to get more details and learn that she wants to remain anonymous because she believes she’s been followed ever since the sighting. The woman suspects the craft has something to do with the military and that she’s heard rumors of a secret base where they’re developing experimental craft engineered from alien hardware.

Looking to confirm whether these silent craft are alien or not, Ryder, Ben and James travel just outside of Fresno, to the small town of Kerman to meet with a retired police officer who had an incredible encounter. It was 1978 and Officer Manuel Amparano was out on patrol when he noticed what looked like a fire burning in a local orchard. When he arrived on scene, Amparano saw a glowing orb hovering over the trees. Amparano tells the team he watched it for several minutes before it grew brighter and shot out sparks. The discharged left him burned on his face and hands. The testimony convinces the team that something strange is indeed going on in this area, but what it is no one is sure.

Trying to gather more information, the team meets with a local paranormal investigator named Jeffrey Gonzalez. To their surprise, Jeffrey tells the team he too is being watched. He’s so unnerved by the surveillance he’s installed cameras around his home to watch from intruders. Jeffrey tells them they’re on the right trail and helps them piece together the clues. He even agrees to take them to a site where he’s heard of secret underground tunnels. Anxious to investigate the rumor, the team heads out to the location and discovers that they may also have been followed.

Under the cover of darkness, the team heads into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to search for these alleged tunnels. While Ben and Ryder set off across the rugged terrain to look for evidence of military activity, James and Jeffrey set out to find this underground facility. After hiking down into a canyon, James and Jeffrey come across a fence. They scale it and discover an opening leading into a mountain. They enter an enormous tunnel and follow it back only to find it ends with a heavy metal door. Using his Geiger counter, James finds there’s a strong radiation source located behind the door, but a noise outside forces them to leave before they can investigate further.

Now convinced they’re on a trajectory to explain these sightings and whether there really is a top secret program to reverse engineer alien hardware, the team meets with another couple who claim to have even more information. Jamar Spicer and Cholee Ramasatavery show them video of this strange triangle hovering above their home. What’s more, they divulge information about a secret base located near the airport.

Under cover of night, Ryder, Ben and James make their way across a field to the location of this supposed base. But before they can get much further, a security force spots them. Have they pushed their luck too far? Will they be able to evade capture? And will the team be able to uncover the truth of what’s going on here in Fresno?
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