Monday, July 30, 2012

Enhanced Video of UFO Over London

Enhanced Video of UFO Over London Olympic

At first it would appear that this was most likely a blimp over the Olympic Games, that would be natural and make sense. After viewing the video it certainly does not appear to be a blimp and I really do not believe that a blimp would get so close, essentially making itself part of the show.

I have seen some comments that claim that a blimp is highly flammable and would never get that close. Well that is actually both true and false. The Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen which is highly flammable but modern blimps are filled with helium, which is an inert gas and not flammable at all. Helium is actually fire retardant. That said the construction material and the skin is flammable.

I would almost bet there was a blimp somewhere  the Olympic games but I honestly do not believe this video show one. 

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