Monday, July 30, 2012

UFOs Have A Long History of Showing Up at Wartime, Top 12 Incidents, Photos

UFOs are mentioned throughout the Bible, found in Renaissance art, on ancient coins and in cave paintings. But from early to modern times, UFOs have been particularly conspicuous when the world is involved in armed conflict. The question is: why? Is someone out there looking in on us when we go to war?

Foo Fighters

Hundreds of UFOs, known as "foo fighters," were spotted by Allied bomber crews during World War II. The American military claimed they were Nazi super weapons, but once the war was over, this proved untrue. What were they... really?

UFOs Over D.C.

On two successive weekends in August 1952, UFOs appeared over Washington DC, buzzing nearby airports, the White House and the U.S. Capitol Building. They were seen by many on the ground, were picked up on radar and even photographed; yet the Pentagon later claimed they were nothing but "temperature inversions."

Ghost Fliers In The Sky

Though investigated many times over the years by some of the world's leading UFO researchers, no one has ever been able to solve the mystery of the Scandinavian Ghost Fliers. According to The Ghost Hunter blog, "these odd aircraft were seen hundreds of times over Finland, Sweden and Norway between 1932 and 1937. When seen in daylight the ghost fliers took the form of extremely large aircraft, bigger than anything then flying, coloured grey and without markings of any kind."

Haunted Aircraft Carrier

During its thirty years at sea, the USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt was haunted by numerous UFO sightings. Was this because it was the first American aircraft carrier to carry nuclear weapons? Or was it something else?

UFOs Over Korea

In 1949, the U.S. military claimed all flying saucer sightings were caused by "hoaxers, religious cranks or publicity hounds" and ended its investigation of UFOs. But just a year later, its pilots began encountering unearthly flying machines at the outbreak of the Korean War.

Top Secret RB-47

What was it about this top-secret electronic warfare plane that caused two UFOs to stalk it relentlessly over Louisiana and Texas one night in 1957?

The F-94 Incident

One night in 1952, a UFO was observed by a F-94 fighter like this one flying an intricate search pattern over Tokyo Bay. What was it looking for?

Ghost Rockets

Cruise missile technology wasn't perfected until the 1980s, and the first cruise missiles weren't used in combat until the 1990s. So why were cruise missiles like this one spotted over Sweden in 1946?

Battle of Los Angeles

More than a million people saw strange flying objects over Los Angeles on the night of February 24, 1942, including this famous photo that ran in the LA Times. Although the U.S. Army insisted the objects were Japanese bombers, after the war, the Japanese themselves proved this to be false. So, what could the object in photo be?


In the spring of 1909, hundreds of people saw strange unidentifiable aircraft flying over England. Dubbed Scareships, they were described as being huge cigar-shaped objects capable of moving at tremendous speeds. Though they resembled Zeppelins, the newly invented German war blimps would not be able to reach England for another five years. If the Scareships weren't Zeppelins, what were they?

Gulf War UFO Shootdown

Rumors persist that Saddam Hussein's scientists reverse-engineered a crashed UFO and created a massive super weapon as a result. Was this the WMD the U.S. was looking for when it invaded Iraq in 2003?

UFOs Over ICBM Bases

During the 1960s and 70s, hundreds of UFOs appeared over America's top-secret ICBM bases, sometimes shutting off their power, sometimes retargeting their warheads. So why did the U.S. military insist the UFOs were really "unidentified helicopters?"
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